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What kind of experience was it for girls to use sex toys for the first time?

In fact, sex toys are also very common now. Many couples or men and women will buy some sex to increase their sexual life, but the experience of each person is different, and some people feel that they have greatly enriched their sexual life. Experience, and some people find it useless, even a little redundant. […]

Male delayed training techniques ejaculation delayed training method!

Excessive ejaculation is probably a problem that plagues many men. Excessive ejaculation not only does not allow both sexes to fully enjoy the pleasure of sex, but may also leave the family at risk. Male friends can self-practice in the daily life to extend the ejaculation time. One: Strengthen penis response 1: Practice the penis […]

The bigger the penis, the more women like it? Where does the woman’s pleasure come from?

The penis is the most prominent and most talked about sex organ in men. Many men, like women, care about the size of their breasts and are uneasy about the size of their penis, fearing to affect their sexual life . According to relevant investigation reports, the size of a man’s penis is actually irrelevant […]

Is Tintin’s size really that important? -Women’s perspective

Men pay more attention to the size of their penis is normal. The problem is that some people care too much, thinking that his penis is “too small”, causing psychological problems. Recently, an authoritative British medical journal, the British Journal of Urology, published a professional article explaining from a scientific perspective how much penis size […]

How to stimulate the male penis is most effective

Don’t be too caressing about male sexual organs.  First, let ’s look at the method with your hands. Generally speaking, holding the penis with your hands and performing physical exercises, especially in the vicinity of the glans, is more effective. However, the same stimuli caused by the same actions are not interesting. Touching the skin of the […]