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Why do women twitch when they have an orgasm?

Why do women twitch when they have an orgasm?

When having sex with each other will be too excited to commit and forget about themselves, but some careful men will find that when women reach orgasm, the body will have a series of performance, the most common of which is twitching, may be some people wonder into the orgasm is not excited and enjoy […]

Want to experience real pleasure in sex? Come to take Japanese Tengsu!

Come to take Japanese Tengsu!

I think we all know that if we want to have a good sex life, then every time we have sex we have to reach orgasm for both sides to be considered a good sex life. But in fact, a research survey shows that the male and female sex in our country, more than half […]

9 things that affect women’s orgasm!

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Research suggests that antidepressants and antipsychotics have a very strong inhibitory effect on orgasm. Such drugs can increase brain serotonin levels, reduce brain dopamine levels, and then seriously affect sexual arousal and orgasm. Part 1 birth control pills Studies have found that compared with condoms, hormonal contraceptives are more likely to cause women to have […]