A reliable method of penis enlargement and thickening

A reliable method of penis enlargement and thickening

1. Diet therapy

There are seafood, such as sea cucumber, abalone, shrimp, shellfish and seaweed are effective strong essence food, so eating seafood can improve sexual desire.

Malt oil: rich in vitamin B, e, lack of vitamin E will lead to penis degeneration and atrophy, reduced secretion of sex hormones. Therefore, we should often eat food containing malt oil.

Spicy food such as onion, garlic, leek and so on has the effect of stimulating sexual desire.

A reliable method of penis enlargement and thickening

2. Massage

Massage the penis in the shower. This is the most enjoyable way. In other words, warm water is poured into the front and root of the penis (the prepuce can be opened to expose the glans) with a spray head, and the acupoints can be massaged with concentrated hot water under tens of times of strong water pressure, which can directly activate the erectile ligaments and nerves. Hot and cold water alternate local shower is better, but it is not suitable for the elderly and the weak.

There is also a kind of massage, that is, whether young people, or old and weak, can be used, that is, by smearing enlarging cream and massaging, so that the penis can be fully absorbed, so as to repair the damaged cavernous body due to excessive sexual life, and restore the cavernous body to its young appearance, and at the same time, it can also make the penis more congested, so as to achieve the effect of enlarging, thickening and hardening (the main component of the penis is the corpus cavernosum)

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