Soul torture: why does your penis look smaller?

Soul torture: why does your penis look smaller?

Maybe every boy has done it.

When urinating in a public toilet or taking a bath in a public bathroom, they secretly aim at other boys’ penises. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re a voyeurist who has a habit of peeping at same-sex penises. You’re just rubbing your penis against him.why does your penis look smaller?

If the visual inspection is bigger than the other party’s, the feeling of pride arises spontaneously, and even shakes off two times, which is quite powerful. But unfortunately, a lot of times, you will feel “chicken is not as good as man”. This makes people feel inferior.

You’ve read countless films. The male owners in the film are all full of JueJie. The words in his crotch are like a cannon. If you look at your own, at most, it’s a type 51 pistol. You can bear it. After all, they are actors, and they can’t be male masters without Jue (J) skills. What you can’t stand is that the people around you are bigger than you, and they look at least like an AK47

You even estimated the size of your penis according to the rumors on the Internet: you are not too small, your nose is not small, and in theory, your penis should not be very small?

You have even measured that although your own is not more than 16cm, but it is not lower than 12cm, why is it that “chicken is inferior to human” in secret?

Soul torture: why does your penis look smaller?

Why do you think “chicken is inferior to man”

Before looking for the reason why “chicken is inferior to man”, have you ever thought that you may not be “chicken inferior to man”, you are just “cheated”.

But don’t get me wrong. You are not cheated by other boys. You are cheated by your own eyes. Let’s start with two pictures.

Figure a is a top view angle, while figure B has a certain head up angle. From the picture, is picture a shorter than figure B?

In fact, they are the same height. So what you see is not always true.

This is the “perspective shortening” phenomenon of visual principle.

Similarly, whether you are in the toilet or in the bathroom, when you look at other people’s penises, they are close to the head up angle, which is equivalent to the perspective of figure B. when you look at your own penis, you are looking down at your head, which is equivalent to the perspective of a figure. Therefore, you will often feel “killed by the second” and think that other people’s penises are bigger than your own, but in fact, who is bigger is not necessarily.

After you take a bath, you might as well look at your penis in the mirror. Is it bigger than when you look down! Because when you look at yourself in the mirror, the angle is equivalent to that of others.

In addition, most of the time, what you see is the length of other people’s penis in a weak state. However, due to the different “elasticity” of the penis, the penis with short weak state may not necessarily be short after erection.

You don’t have to believe it. Do you know why most penises are curved after erection?

That is because the elasticity of the two penises on the penis is not the same, the elasticity of the same penis is different, let alone two different penises!

Therefore, it is not reliable to compare the size by visual inspection. If you really want to compare the length with other people, the most reliable way is to measure it with a ruler.

Generally, we need to measure two values of the penis, the length when it is weak, and the length after erection. Of course, in addition to the length, there is also a measurement of the circumference of the penis, that is, how thick the penis is. But the measurement of circumference is a little complicated, which is not involved here.

1. Test the length in a weak state

Do not apply any sexual stimulation to yourself before the measurement.

You stand upright, hold up the penis with one hand, make the penis and the body form a 90 degree angle, do not pull the penis forward. With the other hand, use a ruler to measure from the root of the back side of the penis (the back side of the penis refers to the side that the penis is facing you, not the side close to the scrotum, nor the left and right side of the penis). It is necessary to use proper force to make the ruler against the bone (pubis) at the root of the penis, not just the abdomen. The number at the top of the glans is the length of your penis.

2. Test the length of an erection

After measuring the length of weakness, stimulate the penis to erect, and start measuring when you feel the penis is the hardest.

The same as the weak state, but also from the root of the back of the penis, the ruler should be against the pubis, measured to the top of the glans.

Use a picture of a soul painter to show how to measure:

In addition, do not measure the foreskin, do not measure the foreskin, do not measure the foreskin, if the glans is wrapped in the foreskin, not exposed, you need to open the foreskin for measurement.

Without comparison, there is no harm

Knowing your own, you may want to know the length of others. If there is no comparison, there will be no harm. Come and hurt each other.

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