Old driver: how to make penis bigger?How to protect your eggs?

Cut off the foreskin as soon as possible

Here’s the bad news: the size of your penis is predestined. The moment sperm and egg are successfully combined, it basically determines the length of your penis in the future.

This is because heredity is a major factor in determining penis size.

Here’s another piece of good news: Although penis size is determined by nature, it can also be used as an adjunct. How to make penis bigger? Doing these things well will help you get bigger.

If you are under age, it is recommended that you:

How to make penis bigger?

1. How to make penis bigger? Protect your eggs

Nietzsche said “I am the sun”, and he also said “the sun is the golden testicle in my crotch”, and he did not know what Nietzsche wanted to express. If we analyze Nietzsche from the perspective of Mathematics: I = sun, sun = testicle, then what is Nietzsche?

I can only guess that Nietzsche knew that testicles were very important to men.

Testicle can produce spermatogenesis. Male tadpoles come from this place. At the same time, testicle also secretes androgen, which can promote the maturation of male sexual organs and the appearance of secondary sexual signs, and maintain normal sexual desire and reproductive function.

In fact, when you’re an embryo, androgens begin to work on the sex organs. XY embryo develops testis first, testicle secretes androgen, which makes XY embryo grow male genitalia, while XX embryo grows female genitalia due to lack of male hormone. In the embryo stage, if the male hormone secretion disorder, will appear the genitalia dissimilation situation.

The effect of androgen on penis size can also be verified by the fact that the growth rate of testis is almost the same as that of penis.

According to Fu Chao’s article “investigation on the growth and development of normal male penis”, there are two peaks in male penile development, one is before 1 year old, and the other is 11-15 years old. There are also two peaks of testicular development. The first is before the age of 1, and the second is between 9 and 15 years old. In other words, the development of testicles is one year earlier than that of penis, which may be preparing for the development of penis.

Therefore, if the boy’s “sun” is abnormal, it may affect the penis development. Boys must protect their eggs. If you find that there is only one egg (cryptorchidism) or the eggs are swollen and hard, or suffer from severe injuries, do not hide your illness and avoid medical treatment. Please seek medical advice in time.

Cut off the foreskin as soon as possible

2. How to make penis bigger? Cut off the foreskin as soon as possible

Many boys think prepuce can lead to premature ejaculation, but few people know that prepuce can affect penile development.

(PS, actually, the relationship between prepuce and premature ejaculation is not simple. If you are interested, you can read this article

Can circumcision really improve sexual function

Based on the literature “the relationship between male physique and length and size of penis” and “comparative study on the effect of simple redundant prepuce and phimosis on penile development of adult males”, it is found that redundant prepuce has little effect on penile development, but phimosis not only affects the length of penis, but also affects the thickness of penis.

Data from the relationship between male physique and penis length and size

Therefore, if you belong to phimosis (the foreskin can not be opened to reveal the glans), you can consider cutting off.

If you are an adult and the penis stops growing, you can’t make the penis long and thick by circumcision. It doesn’t mean the penis should be enlarged, but it can’t be enlarged.

Because your body shape and penile erection directly affect the length and thickness of Ding Ding’s erection.

Fat please actively lose weight

1. Fat please actively lose weight

You’ve probably heard the saying that fat people have smaller tints. This is not groundless, it has a certain basis.

The size of Tintin is not directly related to height and weight, but to body shape. According to the data of “the relationship between male physique and penis length and size”, the penis of thin and long men is longer and thicker than that of short and fat men.

We know that the abdomen is easy to accumulate fat, resulting in abdominal stool, abdominal fat accumulation is easy to “eat” part of the penis, resulting in shorter penis.

Therefore, keeping a symmetrical body shape has a certain effect on “protecting” the length of Ding Ding.

If a woman is fat, she can be fat on her chest. But if a man is fat, why can’t he be fat in Ding Ding? Ah, sigh for the men!

2. Do the following exercises to make the penis erection better

The more fully erect the penis, the longer and thicker the Tintin will become. On the contrary, if the penis is in a weak or incomplete erection state, then Tintin appears shorter and thinner.

In fact, at present, no drugs can promote the secondary development of penis, so the so-called drugs that can increase and thicken are mostly through improving the hardness, so that men can fully flourish to achieve the purpose of enlargement and thickening.

Many people after eating, compared with before eating, ecstatic, really feel that their own bigger. Little do not know that you are, just because the hardness has changed, and then led to the size of the change.

How to make penis bigger? In your daily life, doing so will help improve your erection.

Aerobic exercise

1) Aerobic exercise

For example, swimming, running, riding, etc. Aerobic exercise can enhance cardiopulmonary function and improve blood circulation. Penile erection is a process of penile hyperemia. If your blood circulation is good, it will be more conducive to penile congestion and make penile erection more adequate.

2) Often do squats

Squat is a necessary training for people who want to keep fit. It is called “the king of strength training”. The reason why fitness professionals like to do squats is not only because they can exercise their waist and hip muscles, but also for another reason that they won’t tell you: squatting can also improve sexual ability – improve erection.

This is because squatting can promote male hormone secretion, improve blood circulation and other factors.

3) Do PC muscle exercise

How to make penis bigger? PC muscle, is a group of pudendal muscles, specifically refers to the muscle from the pubic part of the abdomen to the tail bone above the anus. It is the sexual blessing of men and women of desire.

When the penis is congested, the PC muscle is not idle. According to the erectile command of the nervous system, it needs to contract. After contraction, it will put pressure on the cavernous body at the root of the penis, which will increase the pressure in the sponge body, and the penis will further become bigger and harder.

After you pee, you can test the effect of PC muscles on erectile function: stare at your guy, then contract the PC muscle, and then you will find that your JJ will bounce up, and the effect of this kind of bounce will be more obvious after erection.

Exercise PC muscle also helps to improve erection.

Finally, I want to remind you. In medicine, after erectile penis as long as more than 7 / 8cm, is a qualified Ding.

At the same time, girls don’t care about the size of boys, what they care about is whether they can give her sexual satisfaction, and women’s sexual satisfaction has no direct relationship with penis size. If you understand the sensitivity of clitoris to vagina, and the relationship between clitoris and orgasm, you can see that I can’t be more correct.

Only primary school students care about size, and old drivers pay attention to skills.

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