How to stimulate the male penis is most effective

Don’t be too caressing about male sexual organs. 

First, let ’s look at the method with your hands. Generally speaking, holding the penis with your hands and performing physical exercises, especially in the vicinity of the glans, is more effective. However, the same stimuli caused by the same actions are not interesting. Touching the skin of the body part of the penis, or adding circle motion during the telescoping exercise, with a little effort, will be several times better than just the stimulation of the knotted penis part. 

Furthermore, while caressing the penis, you can use your other hand or lips to gently press the genitals. 

Men’s nipples can also erect due to irritation. Therefore, male nipples are a good erogenous band. However, it has not been developed yet, it can be said to be a hidden sexy band. Stimulating the penis while also caressing the nipples allows men to experience compound pleasure. 

For penile stimulation, in addition to the hands, other parts of the body can also be used. For example: armpit. The underarm itself will itch as soon as it twitches, as well as underarm hair and body odor, which can create a fully happy place, both visually and tactilely. Put the penis in the armpit, rubbing, oppressing motion will give the penis a strange sensory stimulus. 

How to enlarge the penis 

1. Increase the “capacity” of the penis, that is, the volume of the corpus cavernosum and corpus cavernosum increases, which increases the length and diameter of the penis (including erectile and weak states). 

2. Because the penis body is not completely exposed outside the pubic bone, there is still a considerable length inside the pubic bone that is not exposed. Therefore, the penis that is not exposed can be exposed to achieve the purpose of growth.

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