Is Tintin’s size really that important? -Women’s perspective

Men pay more attention to the size of their penis is normal. The problem is that some people care too much, thinking that his penis is “too small”, causing psychological problems. Recently, an authoritative British medical journal, the British Journal of Urology, published a professional article explaining from a scientific perspective how much penis size is related to sex.

  • How big is the penis? Summarizing recent research reports, 15,000 men were measured. The average length of the penis during erection is 13.12 cm and the average circumference is 11.66 cm. In the weak case, the average length is 9.16 cm and the circumference is 9.31 cm. Of course, these people come from Europe and the Middle East, which is somewhat different from Asians and Chinese. Some people also measured the penis of Chinese residents and found that the average length of the penis is 7.1 cm and the circumference is about 7.8 cm. There is no erection. The average length of an erection is about 13.0 cm, and the average perimeter is 12.2 cm. Chinese people have shorter peniles when they are weak, but their length during erection is similar to that of foreigners.


  • Is a bigger penis more attractive to a woman? It is generally believed that the thicker and longer the penis, the better the sexual life, which is more common in men. They tend to be more confident. However, women have different preferences for male penis size. Between length and thickness, most women prefer thick penis over long penis. They think that a big penis makes them happier than a long penis. Others showed animated 3D images of a weak female penis. In general, the larger the penis, the more attractive it is to women. However, as penis size continues to increase, this degree of attraction will gradually decrease. This indicates that women have a psychological expectation for the size of the penis. Below this expectation, the attractiveness of the penis to women increases with increasing size. Exceeding this value does not increase women’s interest.


  • Does penis size really affect sexual satisfaction? From a scientific perspective, there is no direct relationship between thick penis and sexual satisfaction. The quality and duration of penile erections affect sexual satisfaction more than penis size. Because for most women, vaginal stimulation is very unlikely to cause orgasms, and orgasms are mainly from the clitoris rather than the vagina. At present, it is thought that thick penis can only cause women’s psychological expectation and sexual desire, but it is not directly related to women’s orgasm.


  • Do women care about the size of the 61st penis lottery? The study also found that women don’t care much about penis size. The survey found that women care more about men’s personality, intelligence, and sense of humor than penis size. In contrast, most women think that men care too much about penis size. A scholar surveyed 50,000 men and women, 85% of whom were satisfied with their partner’s penis size, while only 55% of men were satisfied with their penis size. In fact, from a professional perspective, a larger penis will only add a little self-confidence and will not have other advantages.

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