The bigger the penis, the more women like it? Where does the woman’s pleasure come from?

The penis is the most prominent and most talked about sex organ in men. Many men, like women, care about the size of their breasts and are uneasy about the size of their penis, fearing to affect their sexual life . According to relevant investigation reports, the size of a man’s penis is actually irrelevant to a woman’s sexual satisfaction.

The bigger the penis, the more women like it? Where does the woman’s pleasure come from?

Does a bigger penis make women more likely?

  1. Penis size and female visual pleasure: As we all know, the arousal of female sexual sensations is much slower than that of males. This requires men to have enough patience to help women enter the state quickly. In addition to whispering and skillful caressing, experienced men will inadvertently show their erect penis to their female companions. Its sharp and gigantic stout is fatal to women’s visual impact. Studies have shown that some women can reach or approach orgasm, which is called visual orgasm.
  2. Penis size and male self-confidence: Why are so many men interested in penis enlargement, penis growth, and penis thickening? Even if they know that the effect of penis enlargement and growth is certainly not as good as the advertisement says, they are still willing to try. We found that men with large penis tend to be more confident than men with smaller size. In other words, many men inferiority because of their small size. Therefore, there are so many men who are eager to treat penis enlargement and thickening.
  3. Penis size and female deep orgasm: Female orgasm is divided into shallow orgasm, moderate orgasm, and deep orgasm. Little was known about the female orgasm in the early days, but later this difference was discovered.

Generally speaking, the clitoris is stimulated to obtain a shallow orgasm, the clitoris and the G spot are stimulated to obtain a moderate orgasm, and the clitoris and the uterine mouth are stimulated to obtain a deep orgasm. The first two experiences are common to many women, and the third is rare. But the depth of the temptation of women to deep orgasm is beyond words, the feeling is unforgettable for life. And only if the size of the male penis is long enough and thick enough, can the G spot of the clitoris and the uterine opening be stimulated at the same time, so that the female gets a third orgasm.

The bigger the penis, the more women like it? Where does the woman’s pleasure come from?

  1. Penis size and sex of offspring: There are many factors that determine the sex of offspring, and the requirements must be met at the same time to get the desired sex of offspring. Penis length is one of them. In order to avoid misleading everyone, we will not describe too much on this point.

Does the size of the penis affect sexual life

The length of a weak penis varies greatly from person to person. Even the same person has different penis sizes in different mental states (e.g, etc.) and different environments (e.g, cold and heat). But when the penis is erected or stretched, these differences in size become smaller. That is to say, the larger penis is weaker, the proportion of enlargement after erection is smaller; the smaller penis is weaker, the proportion of enlargement after erection is larger, the length of the erection is similar, and the original gap is bridged.

Some men think that their penis is smaller than others, resulting in a sense of inferiority, but it is unnecessary. A small penis is only relatively speaking, just as a person’s body is tall and short, and his hands, feet, and facial features are the same size, it is not considered abnormal. Of course, there are some people who are obese and have thick subcutaneous fat in the lower abdomen and perineum, so that the penis appears smaller. It is worth mentioning that the size of the penis is not necessarily proportional to the body. Some tall people may have a penis. Smaller than short, this is normal.

The bigger the penis, the more women like it? Where does the woman’s pleasure come from?

In fact, the size of the penis is not very important for women’s sexual satisfaction. 2/3 of the vagina is not very sensitive to the stimulation of the penis; during sexual intercourse, the friction between the penis and the vagina stimulates the clitoris, labia minora, vaginal opening and the outer third of the vagina, so that women get pleasure. And in fact, due to the elasticity of the vagina, it normally only expands to the size of a male penis.

Therefore, if the penis is small, don’t worry. As long as the penis can erect into vaginal sex, it will meet the standard. For most couples, the size of the genitals adapts well. The harmony of sexual life mainly depends on the emotional blending and close cooperation of both parties, as well as sexual function conditions (such as penile erection firmness and duration), not the size of the penis. Especially for newly-married couples, because the tension of the vaginal wall of the woman is high, and both parties lack experience, it is even more necessary to encourage and consider each other.

It is worth noting that those who are overly concerned about penis size are likely to be caused by stress. This is because excessive anxiety can cause continuous tension in the cerebral cortex, affect the normal secretory function of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis through the brain, and affect the normal excitement of sexual nerves, thus making sexual life unharmonious. People with too large penis should pay attention when they are newly married. They should not act violently during sexual intercourse, and the penis should not be inserted too deep into the vagina, so as not to cause excessive hymen or tearing of the hymen.

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