Male delayed training techniques ejaculation delayed training method!

Excessive ejaculation is probably a problem that plagues many men. Excessive ejaculation not only does not allow both sexes to fully enjoy the pleasure of sex, but may also leave the family at risk. Male friends can self-practice in the daily life to extend the ejaculation time.

One: Strengthen penis response

1: Practice the penis to twitch up and down freely. When erection in the morning, go to the toilet to urinate, use your fingers to lightly space the front third of the penis, and press down the penis, so that the penis will stand close to you, then use your fingertips to stick to the penis, and feel the response While closing the anus, push the penis up. Repeat this action for about a minute.

Two: self-awareness

1: After bowel movements, close your eyes first, let go of your arms, and then let go of your head to toes, with your mouth half closed, and relax your facial muscles, and then repeat the short and slow abdominal breathing for 30 seconds bell.

Three: strengthen exercise

1: Making love is indeed an art, and it is an art of two people. For example: double skating, sophisticated is the cooperation. Practice has proved that if women are good at guiding, men can appropriately extend the time of sexual intercourse, and women can obtain satisfying sexual satisfaction. Therefore, for those men who have sex with no law, those who always have premature ejaculation and no physical disease, it is not a good idea to find an experienced woman to counsel.

Four: Enhance physical fitness

1: Generally good people have longer sex time. So basically you need to exercise and pay attention to nutrients. Some people say that eating things like three whips works, maybe a little bit. However, the role of practice in psychology is greater than the role in physiology, and the improvement of comprehensive physical fitness is fundamental.

5: Distracting Attention

1: When making love is very devoted, the thoughts will gather on the glans. Men even feel like they have all their bodies in women. At this time, if you think about the content of other things, you will temporarily ease the urge to ejaculate.

Six: mechanical pressing method

1: Drug stores generally have similar ointments applied to the glans, which can reduce the sensitivity of the glans. But remember that it is a drug after all and it has to enter the vagina. Also, put on a condom. This is generally longer than having a direct love moment. Although some people say that putting on a condom to have sex, such as taking a bath in a raincoat.

7: Ejaculation is too fast for family breakup

Suffering: In sexual life, the wife often does not feel sexual sensation, can not get sexual gratification for a long time, will lose interest in sexual life, and eventually lead to indifference to sexual life, which will become the danger of family breakup over time.

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