What kind of experience was it for girls to use sex toys for the first time?

In fact, sex toys are also very common now. Many couples or men and women will buy some sex to increase their sexual life, but the experience of each person is different, and some people feel that they have greatly enriched their sexual life. Experience, and some people find it useless, even a little redundant.

The following is a girl’s self-reporting way to tell her experience of using sex toys . It is recommended that boys take a look so that you know what kind of attitude girls have to sex toys . . .

I have been paying attention to this question for a long time, and took a few photos of the sex toys in my hand over the weekend to prepare to answer them.

The following real experience, real soap tablets, no promotion without Amway.

———————————— The following are important tips ——————————

Sex toys are not as good as male tickets (size, length, soft and hard, warm and cold)! ! !

Sex toys are not as good as male tickets (size, length, soft and hard, warm and cold)! ! !

Sex toys are not as good as male tickets (size, length, soft and hard, warm and cold)! ! !

Important things to say three times ……

———————————— The following is the text ——————————

There are not many at present, but the following ones are arranged in order as a bird with a vibrating stick, an AV stick, a straight stick, and a jumping egg.

Sex toys

The order represents this use order, in fact, this order may not be the case for ordinary people ……

Let’s start with each one:

1.With bird shake stick

What kind of experience was it for girls to use sex toys for the first time?

This is the first adult sex toy I started (if the sexy lingerie is not counted). I am also in the sex industry. I have some curiosity about how much I know, so I just pick one and start.

Intuitive feeling: The rod is relatively thick. So far I have not done the right thing, and I feel that the tearing feeling will be uncomfortable ……

Feeling of use: I think the “bird” in front of me is easy to use. It is used to stimulate the vulva, Yin Emperor, and G spot. It is easy to get the climax of G spot. After all, it is my first adult product. Use it with care and caution. At first, I used “birds”, and then I turned on the stick switch. At this time, the “bird” was more shocked. As a sensitive person, you know .

Psychological feeling: As the first time to use and the first adult product, I am still very shy. There is no complete foreplay, and no slapsticks. Just once and once, come directly ……

2.AV stick

Sex toys

With the previous experience, I started to understand the types, uses and different feelings of female adult products more deeply. Naturally, I became infinitely curious about the “battles in sticks”-AV sticks. Finally, I bought the last three products at once.

Intuitive feeling: The appearance is very pleasing. The switch and adjustment are integrated into an operation mode. The combination of pink and white is believed to meet most girls with a girly heart. The feel is also good and delicate.

Feeling of use: I ca n’t wait to take it apart when I get it. It ’s actually a battery …… who has a battery in this house at the time …… 4 batteries of No. 5! Ready to try. Before using the AV stick, there was an episode. Recently, I have started a lot of films. One of them watched sex and directly climaxed with my hand. This also made me re-acquainted with women’s “slap-up”. Closer to home, I have to say that the AV stick is really a “battle of the stick”, surrender in minutes ……

Psychological feeling: how to say it, the first time, the idea of ??”women have to learn to play with themselves” …… have fun when you have fun ……


Sex toys

In fact, I am more resistant to entering the body (for fear of a good experience, I do n’t need a male ticket). Helpless because I watched a movie, the girl was bundled with an AV stick for nearly 40 minutes in the early stage, which made me think that the male lead was incompetent. When the male lead was really a knife, the AV lead continued to stimulate the female. Lord, seeing here, I am curious again (curious to kill the cat).

Intuitive feeling: Among these products, this silicone is the most delicate and smooth. The size is also the least resistant to the body. Let me not intuitively refuse.

Feeling of use: Of course, the sense of shock is not better than the AV stick, and if you use the AV stick for a while, it will hardly feel the vibration, but the body experience is good, but honestly, it is not as good as a male ticket (size, length, soft Cold and warm), women should not be curious. Of course, I lived up to expectations and tried the AV stick in front and straight behind it.

Psychological feeling: things are not bad, but make me no longer curious: honestly, there is no substitute for men in this world ……

(Writing this, I feel like writing wet)

  1. Jump Egg

Sex toys

To be honest, this is not useful yet, but I do n’t want to use it from the appearance. I just blame myself for being too picky and bought a cheap one. I also blame the AV stick experience is too good, except that Wushan is not a cloud …… Besides, I recently saw about It’s about jumping out of the house, so I decided to go for a wireless one …… I’ll update it when I’m done.

Overall feelings and suggestions for the subject: In this era of sexual liberation, I feel that both men and women must understand their bodies and learn to play by themselves. You are curious and not ashamed. You can try it. I wrote about the experience of using several products. You can start with your own situation. The AV stick is enough. Also, no matter how evolved, sex toys must not replace the existence of men and women.

After writing to the toilet ……

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