What are the ways to enlarge the penis? 2 ways to enlarge your penis

What are the ways to enlarge the penis?

Guide: The size of the male penis directly determines the quality of sexual life. Many men hope that their penis can be larger. Today, I will introduce two methods to enlarge the penis.

What are the ways to enlarge the penis?


What are the ways to enlarge the penis? 2 ways to enlarge your penis

1. Milking method

As the name implies, it is to squeeze the penis according to the action of milking, increasing the blood volume of the main body of the erect penis, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing the size of the penis. Attention during squeezing, not too much force, massage the penis to make blood stay in the penis body for a longer time. The specific method is to hold the bottom of the penis with your thumb and index finger, then make an OK gesture with your thumb and index finger, and at the same time hold the penis tightly and sandwich it in between. Then the thumb and forefinger forcefully squeeze around the penis. The main purpose is to allow blood to flow in. In the cell wall of the penis trotter and the glans, the blood storage space in the penis will increase with each squeeze. When one hand is squeezed in front of the glans, the other will hold it. The roots of the penis can be practiced in this way repeatedly, with intervals of several seconds each time.

penis Milking method

2.Stretch the penis

Stretching the penis generally can only increase the length of the penis. It does not have much effect on increasing the thickness of the penis. Stretching the penis does not exercise the penis itself, but exercises the abdominal wall muscles that control ejaculation to achieve the purpose of increasing the erectile time of the penis. . There are two ways to exercise. One is to maintain a standing position, put your hands on your shoulders, put your toes up at 90 degrees, pay attention to the distance between the inner heel and the armpit, and then clamp your body for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat this process at least 20 times a day. Second, exercise the pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds and then relax for 5 seconds. This method is very simple and can be connected even when walking. It can be said that it can be practiced anytime, anywhere. .

Stretch the penis

The above are the two methods introduced by Xiaobian today to increase the penis. In addition, I usually adhere to exercise and exercise, and the body is better. All aspects of the body’s functions will be enhanced. Don’t relax for a day, there will be relaxation on the next day or even on the third day. I believe that through exercise can greatly improve sexual performance.

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