Why do some men ask women to shave their pubic hair?

Why do some men ask women to shave their pubic hair?

You may not believe that men love and hate women’s pubic hair.Why do some men ask women to shave their pubic hair?

I once met a fan who left his first good night on his wedding night. When the bride lay naked in front of him, he found that she was actually a “white tiger girl”, that is, there was no privacy! Yin! Mao!

It’s said that the white tiger female Kefu, which made his first life quite tangled.

On the one hand, his physical impulse made him want to get on well with the bride; on the other hand, the legend about the white tiger female Kefu made him feel a little upset. He had never been so fond of female pubic hair: if only she had pubic hair!

Finally, although desire conquered the legend, the identity of his wife, the white tiger girl, penetrated into his heart like a thorn. It has become his heart disease. I had to ask for advice.

At the same time, there are many boys who want to “get rid of the girl’s voice hair, and then quickly”. Every once in a while, some boys will come to me and ask me: can I shave the hair on the private part of the female ticket, little teacher?

Why do some men ask women to shave their pubic hair?

Why do some people have luxuriant grass and some people have no grass?

Pubic hair is the second sexual sign of human beings. When we enter puberty, the curly and soft hair on the external genitalia and glomus begins to grow.

However, the number of pubic hair varies greatly, some people are luxuriant grass, others are barren.

The development of male voice hair is mainly controlled by androgen. The development of female voice hair, er, is also controlled by male hormone.

You’re right. Women have androgens, just as men have estrogen.

Male androgen is mainly secreted by testis. What about women, testicles? It’s impossible. Women don’t have this organ. If they have this thing, they’re human demons. Women don’t have testicles, but they have ovaries and adrenal glands. They can also secrete a small amount of male hormones. Although the amount is not large, it is enough to make the female pudendal grass luxuriant.

When we see this, we have a question. Why are there female white tigers and male green dragons (i.e. men have no pubic hair in their private parts)?

In fact, obviously, it has something to do with androgen.

The reason why some people have no pubic hair may be due to the low level of androgen in the body. On the other hand, the receptor for androgen in the pubic hair follicle is not sensitive or defective to androgen, or even has no such receptor at all.

In other words, there is no pubic hair in the private place, which is actually the pot of androgen.

Unless organic diseases affect endocrine, otherwise, glabrous pudenda will not affect health, including sexual and reproductive functions, and will not affect future sexual well-being and family succession.

Please bear in mind that we are the successors of socialism, not the successors of feudal superstition. The feudal thoughts of Bai Hu Kefu and Qing Long Ke’s wife are pure superstition.

Since white tiger woman and green dragon man can live a healthy life, does that mean pubic hair is useless?

Advantages of pubic hair

Advantages of pubic hair

In human evolution, there are few organs or tissues in our bodies that are as useless as the appendix. Pubic hair also works.

1. Ventilation

A large number of curly pubic hair covers the pudenda, objectively speaking, they “prop up” for our small inner, so that the small inner is no longer close to the pudenda, which can play the role of ventilation and heat dissipation.

Pudendal sweat glands are thick and many, sweat a lot, coupled with female vocal tract often secretions, urethra is relatively short, it is easy to wet the pudendum when booing. Therefore, the female pudenda is not luxuriant grass, more like abundant water grass.

At the same time, girls’ private parts are not like boys. They are born with a support, which can hold up their underwear. The existence of pubic hair helps girls to distribute sweat, urine and other secretions of the pudenda, which can prevent the breeding of bacteria. Bacteria like warm and humid environment best.

2. Barrier

God created Adam and Eve, but not underwear. So, in ancient times, people were naked below, and they didn’t wear underpants. They are “naked” in slash and burn cultivation, mountain and sea, horse riding and fighting. If there was no pubic hair to protect them from the wind and rain, they would have been bald by grass sawdust and small stones.

Now, underwear is a must wear thing. Although there is no need for pubic hair to block the attack of foreign bodies, it still plays a role in blocking bacteria and viruses from entering the human body.

3. Buffer

On the Internet, we like to make the real estate image as “Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa”, which is an onomatopoeia word, which is to simulate the sound of two physical collision.

Curly pubic hair is like a natural anti-collision pad, which can buffer the impact of two bodies and relieve pain.

But, yes, here is a turning point. Next, we should start to make complaints about pubic hair.

Groove of pubic hair

Groove of pubic hair

Everything has two sides, and the sound hair will bring us trouble.

1. Increase humidity

Although pubic hair helps to ventilate the pudenda, sometimes it is also the producer of the moist environment of the pudenda. For example, after a girl urinates, her voice hair will “hang beads”, and urine will be scattered on her pubic hair, which is hard to dry. This also creates convenience for gynecology or urethritis.

Not to mention a woman’s menstrual period, that kind of sticky, wet dew, entangled feeling, is simply a girl’s nightmare.

2. Embarrassment

The pubic hair of most girls is inverted triangle, which is distributed in pubic mound, labia magna, inner thigh and around anus.

But there are many girls who have too much sexual hair, so that they dare not wear swimsuits and swimsuits without shaving, because there will always be voice hairs that pop out of their swimsuits and swing with the wind.

What kind of feeling is like other people’s showing body, only oneself is showing sound Mao. As much embarrassment as possible.

There will also be a lot of girls shy of going to the public bathroom, the lush voice hair makes me always want to find a seam to drill in.

The side effect of shaving pubic hair

Can the pubic hair be scraped? My answer is – please listen to your inner voice.

Pubic hair has both advantages and grooves. Its advantage is that it belongs to the icing on the cake, and its slot point is not too bad.

So you can make your own lawn. Follow your feelings, stay if you want, and divide them. If you have Mr. Tony’s skill, you can also listen to wolf disco while modeling the voice hair scissors: a dragon on the left and a rainbow on the right.

However, after mowing the lawn, the desire of men and women will suffer “time flies”.

Pubic hair like grass, wildfire can not burn out, spring wind blowing again.

After time (scraping off the voice hair), the pubic hair will grow again sooner or later. At this time, the pubic hair is like an arrow, which will prick the girl from time to time.

And boys do not gloat, at this time, if you applaud for love, like arrow pubic hair, will tie the boy very sour. At this time, maybe only the backward entry can save the boy.

The side effect of shaving pubic hair

How to mow the lawn

In addition to skin preparation for surgery, generally speaking, in daily life, the demand of female students for shaving pubic hair is higher than that of boys. Although boys also want to shave pubic hair, they mainly want to shave their loved ones.

Girls shave their pubic hair mainly because they can’t stand the “grooves” of pubic hair. After scraping, they just like eating Dove chocolate, enjoying silky and even feeling that the whole world is refreshing.

Boys want to shave pubic hair for girls, mostly because of visual fatigue. After scraping, there will be a sense of freshness. Freshness is aphrodisiac, which can arouse their desire. Similarly, if girls keep themselves in a state of “time” and boys get tired of it for a long time, they may miss their partner’s time of luxuriant grass.

To shave pubic hair, you need to have a scraper, scissors, water, hot water, foaming agent / soapy water.

It is recommended to prepare a “special” razor, and try not to use a male razor unless the boy doesn’t mind. Many girls will be “addicted” after shaving, and feel that it is not too cool to have no pubic hair. Therefore, there are more opportunities to use it in the future. The scissors should be round headed as far as possible, so as not to hurt people by slipping hands.

When these things are ready, we can start. It is better to carry out the cleaning in the bathroom

1. First use scissors to cut the pubic hair, so that it is convenient to scrape pubic hair at the back;

2. Wash the vulva and wash the vulva with hot water for 5 minutes or soak in the bath for 5 minutes to soften the pubic hair;

3. Apply foaming agent or soapy water evenly;

4. Use a scraper to scrape pubic hair. It is recommended to scrape along the direction of hair. Although the scraping is slow, it is not suitable to scratch the pudenda;

5. After scraping, please clean it again. It’s OK.

The first shaving may take about 20 minutes or even longer due to poor business. When scraping, you should stop being impatient and impetuous. Your pudendal skin is delicate, otherwise it is easy to be scratched. After shaving more times, the craft is exquisite, shaving pubic hair is also a matter of convenience after a bath.

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