Obscene water, why are some girls like springs and some girls like dry wells

Obscene water, why are some girls like springs and some girls like dry wells
Obscene water, why are some girls like springs and some girls like dry wells
Obscene water, why are some girls like springs and some girls like dry wells

Let me ask you a question first: do you know where girls’ lewd water comes from?

Maybe you will say, from the vagina, this also needs to ask! But in the Pa Pa Pa, the vagina at least has more than 10 cm long, where does the obscene water come from?

This is a key issue.

Only when we have a clear understanding of this problem can we know where the root cause of the problem lies, and when we solve the problem, we can have a definite target.

Of course, anyone who has read the article should know that it is never the style of a little teacher to give solutions only. I want you to “not only know what it is, but also why.”.

In addition, it can make me more professional (cough, cough, and finally say my real idea, O (∩)_ (haha ~). The articles that talk about this problem on the Internet are basically copied and pasted. They are not only two tricks, but also a lot of mistakes.

OK, let’s get down to business.

Circulate erroneous reports

In this era when knowledge is not needed to be reserved, only to be searched. You can find the answer quickly through the search engine.

An encyclopedia tells you: vaginal secretion is also known as Pap’s gland fluid, commonly known as obscene water, Yin fluid. It is a kind of sticky white or transparent liquid flowing from the vagina, which can play a lubricating role. It is a mixture of vestibular gland, cervical gland, endometrial secretion and vaginal mucous membrane exudate, exfoliated vaginal epithelial cells.

Not only encyclopedia, but also some so-called “experts” believe that obscene water is secreted by the large vestibular glands and cervical glands.

What I want to say is, encyclopedia and these experts, you can pull it down, your understanding of obscene water is ridiculous!

Who secreted obscene water?

First of all, obscene water belongs to vaginal secretion, but they can not be directly equated.

We understand the obscene water, should be in the female receives the sexual stimulation, the vagina secretion has the lubrication function liquid. The vaginal secretion should include all the liquid secreted by the vagina. It includes the liquid secreted by the vagina in the state of sexual stimulation, such as obscene water, and also includes the liquid secreted by the vagina under the normal non sexual stimulation state, such as cervical mucus.

Secondly, it is even more ridiculous to call obscene water the Pap’s gland fluid. As the name suggests, PAP’s gland fluid is a kind of liquid secreted by Babbitt’s gland.

Bartholin’s glands, also known as vestibular glands, are a pair of glands distributed on both sides of the vaginal orifice. They also have a duct, which opens on the inside of the labia minora, adjacent to the vaginal orifice. In the case of sexual stimulation, the Bartholin’s gland will secrete a liquid, and flow out of the tube, which has a certain lubricating effect on the vaginal orifice, which is the Bartholin gland fluid.

See here, you may have doubts, this is not obscene water? Little teacher, how did you say that it’s ridiculous to call obscene water Pap’s gland fluid?

Don’t worry. Let me explain it to you a little bit.

The water does not come from the Bartholin’s gland

It is true that PAP’s gland fluid has a lubricating effect, but it can’t lubricate the vagina. At most, it can lubricate the vaginal orifice a little. Because it secretes too much! Less! Yes!

According to the observation of master of sex, master Masters (you can’t get it wrong, masters is really “on the spot”: when someone is masturbating or having sex, he and his assistant observe and study beside them. It is said that they have observed tens of thousands of times of slapping and popping): for infertile women, the secretion of mucus in each duct is rarely more than 1 drop, and the fertile women, too, can occasionally secrete Two or three drops.

This amount of secretion is not only a drop in the bucket for a vagina more than ten centimeters long, but also negligible for the vaginal orifice. What’s more, this secretion only occurs in the late stage of excitement or the early stage of plateau (Masters divides human sexual response into four stages: excitatory stage, plateau stage, climax stage and regression stage). Experienced old drivers should know that it only takes a few seconds for a woman to secrete obscene water in her vagina, and there is no need to wait for the late period of excitement.

Therefore, to call obscene water Barthel’s glandular fluid is to generalize. Masters will be the first to refuse. If he knows about it, he may be angry and give it to the author of this encyclopedia.

Since obscene water is not secreted by Babbitt’s gland, is it secreted by “cervical gland” as mentioned in Encyclopedia?

It doesn’t come from the cervical glands

The cervix is located at the bottom of the uterus, protruding from the vagina. The glands in the cervix are cervical glands. The mucus secreted by the cervix is called cervical mucus.

Cervical mucus is not secreted in the state of sexual stimulation, and it changes periodically under the influence of sex hormones.

In the ovulation period, due to the influence of estrogen, cervical mucus began to secrete a lot, but also very thin, and even from the vagina flow out. So in the ovulation stage, many girls will feel the vagina and vulva sticky, so that they may get wet underwear, this is the cervical mucus “rammed ghost”.

But the purpose of cervical mucus is not to make trouble, wet girl’s underwear is a “side effect” at best. Its purpose is to escort sperm: first, it can improve the pH value of vagina, acid vagina is fatal to sperm; second, it can also provide nutrients for sperm, so that sperm can “add a meal” in the vagina, so as to have sufficient energy to rush into the uterus and look for eggs.

Since cervical mucus can pass through the vagina to wet underwear, it is not objective to say that there is no role of lubrication vagina during sexual intercourse. As the successor of socialism, we must seek truth from facts: cervical mucus can also play a certain lubricating role in vaginal intercourse during ovulation.

However, it should be emphasized that the secretion of cervical mucus has nothing to do with sexual stimulation.

This was also confirmed by masters. He observed changes in the vagina in hundreds of women who had sex, and none of the other women had any cervical secretions except one. The woman who produces secretion happens to be in the ovulation period (that is, on the 13th day of her menstrual cycle). Women generally ovulate on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle), so it can be preliminarily determined that this secretion is related to the ovulation period, and has nothing to do with sexual stimulation.

After ovulation, with the decrease of estrogen secretion and the increase of progesterone secretion, the secretion of cervical mucus began to decrease and become sticky. Finally, it became like jelly and “congested” in the cervical orifice, forming a mucus plug. This jelly like mucus can’t flow out of the cervix, let alone lubricate the vagina.

Therefore, the lubrication effect of cervical mucus is limited to ovulation period, which is only 10 days. If the end of the word (in these 10 days, cervical mucus is not every day can wet girls underwear. So 1-2 days), cervical mucus can play a lubricating role in the days of sexual intercourse will only be shorter. The key problem is that humans don’t just snap during ovulation! In fact, in the non ovulatory period of sex, women can still be “a pool of spring water”.

The spring water in this pool is neither from the Pap’s gland nor from the cervical gland. Where does it come from?

Obscene water is vaginal wall exudate

From the vaginal wall, is the vaginal wall exudate (there is no secretion gland similar to the Papanicolaou gland or cervical gland on the vaginal wall), or rather, the exudate from the blood vessels surrounding the vaginal wall. There are no secretory glands or gland cells in the vaginal wall.

Under sexual stimulation, it is not only men but also women who have hyperemia.

When a woman is sexually excited, the blood vessels around the vaginal wall will have an explosive hyperemia reaction, and the blood vessels will be significantly expanded. Then, the vaginal wall will exude a drop of mucus material, much like the sweat on the forehead (but this is not sweating, sweat is secreted by sweat glands). These mucus substances will be scattered on the folds of the entire vaginal wall, which is the initial state of obscenity.

When sexual exertion is further increased, drops of obscene water will be fused together, even one piece. Therefore, the whole vaginal wall is like a layer of shiny film, and the vagina is fully lubricated, which is physically ready for vaginal intercourse. If the amount of exudation of obscene water is more, it may flow out.

From sexual stimulation to vaginal lubrication, does not take long, fast words, a few seconds. However, a large amount of exudation of obscene water will not continue all the time. Generally, it is easy to appear in the early stage of excitement. When entering the platform stage, the speed of exudation of obscene water will slow down. This is why many girls are prone to “wet before and dry after”.

Three factors affecting the secretion of obscene water

If we understand how obscene water is produced, we can roughly infer what factors affect the secretion of obscene water, which results in the situation that “some girls are like springs and some girls are like dry wells”.

If you’re lazy about cancer patients, even if you don’t want to think about it, it doesn’t matter. I’ll break it up and tell you how to be a good teacher.

On the surface, it seems that women’s problem is women’s problem, but in fact it is not.

I have written an article about premature ejaculation in boys before. The title is “where is his premature ejaculation? It is clear that you both have” premature ejaculation “(the” you two “in the title refers to the male and female partners). Unlike masturbation, sexual intercourse is an interpersonal act that requires two people to complete. Most of the problems that occur in this need to be borne by both men and women. In the same way, here, it is also true to say that “where is the lack of her lewd water, it is clearly that both of you are lack of pornographic water”.

The factors affecting the secretion of obscene water can be roughly divided into three categories: female sexual exertion, vaginal health and blood circulation. It’s both a woman’s body and a man’s.

How to let the girl not be dry and astringent

Let’s first look at the factors that have a deep correlation with men, namely, women’s sexual exertion.

Women’s sexual exertion

Female sexual excitement is the source of the secretion of lewd water, and there are two factors affecting female sexual excitement.

1. Female desire

Desire determines whether a girl wants to do it with a boy. The higher the desire of girls, the same sexual stimulation, the higher the degree of sexual excitement aroused, and the more obscene water they secrete. The desire of female students is affected by physiological and psychological aspects.

1) Physiologically, it is mainly androgen that has great influence on sexual desire. Girls with low androgen content are prone to low desire, which will affect the secretion of obscene water. The level of androgen content can not be self-test, need to go to the hospital for examination. If it is too low, you can supplement androgen or regulate endocrine under the guidance of doctors.

2) Psychologically, pressure, emotion and feelings with partners have great influence.

Of course, human desire is very complex, such as culture, religion, growth experience, sexual experience and other factors; for example, physiology and psychology also affect each other. Because of the space, we will not start here.

2. Techniques of “seducing girls”

It’s easy to break the rules.

Vaginal health

Obscene water is around the vaginal wall of the blood vessels exudation, but the blood vessels are not directly exposed in the vagina, so, obscene water can not directly from the blood vessels into the vagina, but also across the vaginal wall in the middle. Therefore, vaginal health on the secretion of obscene water, also has a direct impact. Therefore, all vaginal diseases, as well as the potential factors affecting vaginal health will directly or indirectly affect the secretion of obscene water. Here are some of the more common factors.

1. Vaginitis

Vaginitis brings women not only itching, odor, abnormal leucorrhea, but also vaginal dryness. Vaginitis can cause congestion and edema of vaginal mucosa. Vaginal vascular congestion “swollen” can exude obscene water, but vaginal mucosa can not, it edema, strike, affect the secretion of obscene water. At this point, you have to Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa, that may be waiting for girls is vaginal dryness and sexual pain.

Most girls will not have sex during vaginitis. They will wait until vaginitis is cured and itching and odor disappear. However, at this time, girls will find that even if vaginitis is good, or dry ah, how is this going on?

In fact, the normal vaginal inflammation did not disappear in girls. In the treatment of vaginitis, antibiotics are usually used in the vagina. When antibiotics kill the harmful organisms in the vagina, they also kill the beneficial bacteria in the vagina, such as Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus can decompose glycogen of vaginal epithelium into lactic acid, which plays an important role in maintaining vaginal acidic environment.

Vaginitis during the initial recovery period, just a vaginal flora empty window period, harmful bacteria regression, but beneficial bacteria also did not recover lost land, so it is easy to lead to dryness.

That has vaginitis caused by vaginal dryness, how should be improved?

Of course, the first thing to bear the brunt is to actively treat vaginitis under the guidance of doctors. In addition, you can also do this:

1) Try to avoid sexual intercourse during the illness and at the time of initial recovery. If you really can’t help clapping for love, please prepare the lubricant;

2) During the period of medication and initial recovery, drink more lactic acid bacteria drinks such as yogurt, which can accelerate the recovery of vaginal beneficial bacteria; if vaginitis often occurs repeatedly, drinking lactic acid bacteria drinks can reduce the recurrence rate to a certain extent;

3) When the doctor prescribes medicine for you, you can ask the doctor to give you a Lactobacillus drug similar to “vaginal Lactobacillus live capsule”, which can be directly used in the vagina. The capsule contains a large number of active lactobacillus, which is directly put into the vagina, which is equivalent to directly going to the battlefield for reinforcement, and the treatment effect will be better. Some girls will directly use yogurt to flush vagina, the truth is the same as Lactobacillus capsule, but from the safety point of view, the use of live capsule is safer. After all, yogurt contains other ingredients besides lactic acid bacteria;

2. Over cleaning

Excessive cleaning can also lead to vaginal dryness, reduce the secretion of obscene water.

Girls often ask me how to clean my private parts. In fact, it’s very simple. You can clean your vulva with water, but you can use no bath gel or soap.

It should be emphasized that we should not often clean the vagina. We should often clean the vagina with water. On the surface, it is cleaning the vagina, but in essence it is leading the wolf into the “Tao”. Because it will destroy the vaginal acid environment, not conducive to the survival of beneficial bacteria, beneficial bacteria reduce, vaginal resistance will decline, which creates conditions for vaginitis.

What’s more, some girls are “bewitched” by advertisements and often use lotion to wash them. They think that washing is more healthy, which is not desirable. Compared with water, lotion is more likely to damage the vaginal environment.

Girl’s vagina has a certain self-cleaning function, you believe in lotion, it’s better to believe your own vagina.

3. Endocrine disorders

Endocrine plays an extremely important role in the “metabolism” of the vaginal wall. For example, the vaginal mucosa is affected by estrogen, and the epithelium will thicken and the epidermal cells will keratinize. Under the action of progesterone, a large number of vaginal mucosa epithelium will fall off. Equivalent to estrogen and progesterone in maintaining the vagina “youth beautiful”, if long-term endocrine disorders, vaginal wall will atrophy, aging. Aging vaginal wall, no mood for Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa to provide secretion services.

Then how to judge whether their own endocrine factors lead to vaginal dryness? It can be roughly judged from the following aspects:

1) Irregular menstruation. Before menopause women, if often irregular menstruation, it may mean endocrine disorders, because women’s endocrine system in the “command” of women’s menstruation. It can be said that menstruation is a barometer of female endocrine system.

2) Menopause. Most women will menopause after the age of 45. After menopause, ovarian failure, estrogen secretion will be sharply reduced, resulting in aging of vaginal wall;

3) Contraceptives. Contraceptives are easy to lead to endocrine disorders, especially the short-term contraceptives containing only progesterone, on the one hand, can inhibit the secretion of estrogen, on the other hand, there is no timely supplement in vitro, then the vaginal wall will have signs of aging;

The corresponding solutions are as follows.

If you have irregular menstruation, suggest:

1) Pay attention to rest and relax. Unless it is an organic disease, endocrine disorders are mostly related to your living conditions, such as high pressure, irritability, staying up late and having a bad rest. Therefore, pay attention to rest, relax body and mind, the rest of the time, will gradually improve;

2) You can eat some endocrine regulating products

If you are postmenopausal:

1) Daily life, appropriate to eat some soy products, soy products contain soy isoflavones, this is a phytoestrogen. Other royal jelly and pueraria have similar components;

2) Under the guidance of doctors, use estrogen drugs. There are oral and ointment (directly used in vagina).

If you are taking short acting contraceptives, it is recommended that:

1) If you take a pill that only contains progesterone, you can replace it with one that contains both progesterone and estrogen. However, contraceptives containing estrogen have more side effects.

2) In daily life, eat more bean products;

3) According to the actual situation, we can consider changing contraceptive methods, such as using condoms;

4. Vitamin B2 deficiency

Vitamin B2 is one of the B vitamins. This 2B, oh no, it’s B2. It’s one of the essential vitamins for the body to maintain metabolism, maintaining the integrity of mucous membrane and skin. If the lack of vitamin B2, it is easy to vaginal mucosal congestion, vaginal wall ulceration, vaginal dryness.

How should judge oneself is lack of vitamin B2 to cause vaginal dryness? Do you need to go to the hospital for testing?

It’s not so much trouble. If you don’t have irregular menstruation and menopause, and you are accompanied by keratoderma, conjunctivitis, glossitis, and dry skin, it is most likely that the body lacks vitamin B2.

The most convenient treatment is to eat vitamin B2 containing health products or drugs. If you don’t want to spend money, you can also eat foods rich in B2, such as animal liver, kidney, egg yolk and milk; many green vegetables and beans are not low.

Blood circulation

Few articles mention the effect of blood circulation on sexual ability. In fact, blood circulation is an important part of our sexual response.

Men need to be congested. In a short period of time, there will be a lot of blood pouring into the cavernous body of the penis. As a result, the words become hard and big.

Girls also need hyperemia, clitoris swelling, labia swelling, vaginal wetting, these are the results of vascular congestion.

Therefore, if the blood circulation of boys is not good, it is easy to have erectile dysfunction; and the blood circulation of girls is not good, it is easy to have vaginal dryness and other problems.

The direct or indirect influence on blood circulation is three high blood fat (hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia) and other cardiovascular diseases.

A little more about hyperglycemia. The effect of hyperlipidemia and hypertension on blood circulation is intuitive and easy to understand. It is estimated that many people don’t understand why hyperglycemia has come to join in the fun. There is a deep relationship among the three high schools, and they usually influence each other. Therefore, many people have all the “three highs”.

Long term hyperglycemia will have many complications, will cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is easy to lead to vaginal dryness, will also cause neuropathy, will lead to decreased pleasure, and if the pleasure is weakened, this is equivalent to affecting the sexual drive of girls, and will aggravate vaginal dryness.

The solution is, of course, active treatment, active control, as far as possible to delay or reduce the impact on blood circulation.

Secondly, it is necessary to increase sexual stimulation and prolong foreplay time. Some vibrators can be used (especially for women with diabetes).

Thirdly, if you have hyperlipidemia, you can drink a glass of water 30-60 minutes before sex, which can “dilute” the blood, which is conducive to blood circulation (in fact, not only hyperlipidemia people, all vaginal dry and astringent women can drink a glass of water before sex, which is helpful to the secretion of lewd water. After all, water is one of the components of obscene water. If your body is in water shortage State, will affect the secretion of obscene water).


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