Where to hide sex toys to be safe? 27 brainy hiding suggestions from veteran drivers

Where to hide sex toys to be safe?

Sex toys are easy to buy, but whether you live with your parents, have children at home, or live in a dorm, there are hidden worries about toys being found. There is a lot of discussion online about how to hide sex toys, but very little constructive advice. Here is a summary of 27 ways to hide them, which I hope will help you.

Where to hide sex toys to be safe?

Where to hide sex toys to be safe?

● Buy a large bag, hide it in a secret compartment, and carry it with you every day you go out.

● A suitcase, with a lock.

● Buy a ceramic doll and stuff it inside.

● Put it in a bucket with badminton balls.

● Take tape and stick it to the back of the bed, it’s tried and true.

● Remove the two small screws from the back of the computer, remove the cover, and hide the cup inside, and take it out when you need it.

● The most dangerous place is in the cosmetic case.

● In the drawer or box where you put your underwear, your family will never go through them.

● The black tube with a strap is convenient for home travel.

● Put it where Mom can’t reach it, like on top of the cupboard.

● Put it in a sock and put it in the drawer where the socks are.

● Put it in a vase, which has to be opaque and not used often.

● Put it in a bag that you don’t use often. Women have more bags, so put it in and no one will go through it.

● The summer is here, those thicker quilts are not used, stuffed into the cupboard, you put the stick to the inside of the quilt a stuffing, absolutely can not find.

● Hide it in the toilet tank in the bathroom, wrap it with plastic wrap and then tie it up with tape.

● Put a pair of cotton slippers on the bottom of the shoe box and put it in a bag.

● Pull out the desk drawer completely, wrap it with something and put it right behind the drawer, then put the drawer back.

● If the bathroom ceiling has a ceiling, put that the safest, easy to get, and not easy to be found, before hiding with a plastic bag wrapped with dust on it.

● Pack a box and wrap it in wrapping paper to disguise it as a gift to be given to someone else.

● Find a larger doll, cut it open in a hidden place (e.g. under the doll’s clothes), then stuff what you want to hide in it, then sew on a zipper or button to make it easy to open. Previously, my son’s gold jewelry was hidden inside the house by a thief, and the thief didn’t find it.

● Stuffed in knee-high boots and then stuffed with newspaper.

● The most corner of the closet top, this is one of my safest and most used methods, put it in the innermost layer of the closet top, then cover it with a box slightly, see it does not cause sensitivity, even if found also lazy afraid to go up and take it down again.

● Seal it in a plastic bag and hide it in a pot, preferably a cactus, without watering it, or buy a pot of dried flowers and hide it in the bottom of the pot.

● Pockets of winter coats, which are then folded up and put back into the bag.

● building a Lego castle and hiding it inside.

● I have more tools, so I have a safe specifically for them, and the safe is hidden in the closet. I think sex toys are still more personal, and disguising them makes them more provocative, and it’s fun to take them out of the safe and use them every time.

● The last time my mom saw it, she asked me what it was and I said it was a small toy, so she believed me.

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