Vibrating egg and vibrating spear-Which is more suitable for erotic?

double-headed vibrating spear

Vibrating egg and vibrating spear are very common erotic objects, but many girls have never used them and do not know which is better for them to choose?

The egg is also called a vibrating egg. It is a female masturbator with an egg-like outer shape and a vibration motor inside, generally divided into two types of manual and remote control.

Vibrating egg and vibrating spear

The vibrating spear is a stick-like female masturbator with a vibrating motor inside. There are many types of vibrating spear, so we will talk about them next time. The following is one of the more typical: double-headed vibrating spear.

double-headed vibrating spear

From the appearance, the vibrating egg is thinner than the vibrating spear and shorter than the vibrating spear. It is more compact and easy to collect, as well as carry.

From a functional point of view, the main function is to vibrate. Some vibrating spear have automatic rotation, automatic retraction and other functions. Generally speaking, the vibration intensity of the vibrating spear is a bit greater than the vibrating egg, but also more exciting.

In terms of sound size, because the motor inside the vibrating spear is more powerful, the sound emitted is also a little louder. This is something to consider for girls who live with their parents, or in dormitories.

From the point of view of using experience, the vibrating egg mainly stimulates the clitoris, although it can be inserted into the vagina, but because it is thin, short, the stimulation of the vagina is relatively small. While the vibrating spear is thicker, longer and more capable of reaching vaginal orgasm. And, if you choose the kind of double-headed vibrator in the picture, the small head can take care of the stimulation of the clitoris at the same time.

From the price point, the price of the vibrating egg is generally cheaper, within $15 can buy a good vibrating egg. And to buy a passable vibrator, the price point is generally around 30.

Now you can come to a conclusion.

If you are a virgin, then it is recommended that you buy a vibrating egg. Because nine times out of ten you do not want to give the first account to the vibrating spear.

If you are more worried about the collection and privacy (sound), it is recommended to buy a vibrating egg, you will be more at ease.

If you have very little sexual experience and are very worried about whether your private parts will become loose (they won’t), consider a vibrating spear with a smaller diameter (less than 3.5cm).

If you prefer clitoral stimulation to penetration, consider a vibrating egg, enough is enough.

If you rarely or never experience the pleasure of a vaginal orgasm, then definitely go for a vibrating spear.

If you bought it for foreplay, a vibrating egg is more suitable and your boyfriend will not mind so much. It must be noted that the above analysis and conclusions are for newcomers, for the advanced players of eroticism, the choice is more flexible and varies from person to person. Everything for sex, more experimentation, more experience, suitable for their own is the best.

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