How to use kegel ball? Details on the placement of the kegel ball, exercise tutorials, and the dangers of incorrect use

How to use kegel ball?

I have talked about Kegel ball last year, but recently someone feedback that the use of the introduction is not very detailed, let me add, so simply write a new article to continue to talk about Kegel ball.

Use the Kegel ball well, and you will be as tight as you are at the age of 18

Kegel balls are also called vaginal dumbbells and vaginal yoga balls, but the exact name is Kegel balls, which are usually recommended by postpartum doctors when they ask for rehab.

The Kegel ball is originally a tool to help women with postpartum vaginal laxity to regain their firmness, and is generally recommended by postpartum hospitals for vaginal rejuvenation. The principle is to use the metal ball inside the sphere to stimulate the muscles of the pelvic floor (different types of Kegel balls have slightly different principles), in order to exercise this part of the muscle and thus make the vagina tighter. The developed pelvic floor muscles not only solve the problem of vaginal laxity, but also allow you to freely control the degree of tightness down there during sex, straightening the sexual well-being index, and it is for this reason that many girls who have not given birth are also using Kegel balls.

However, it is important to note that pregnant women should not use Kegel balls. Although it is said in many places that the use of Kegel balls by pregnant women can prepare for normal delivery, in fact, the use of Kegel balls will not only stimulate the vagina, but may also touch the cervix and cause abnormal bleeding or cause contractions that lead to abortion or premature delivery of the fetus. In addition, patients with pacemakers, diabetes, phlebitis, blood clots, etc. should consult a doctor about the risk of blood clot formation before using the intimate massager.

How to use kegel ball? Details on the placement of the kegel ball, exercise tutorials, and the dangers of incorrect use 1
Kegel exercise

Some girls may find it strange to put a Kegel ball in their vagina, but as long as you have had sex, it will not affect your normal life in any way, and it is easy to use, even more so if you have used tampons.

Kegel ball use method and tampon use method is similar, the first is to ensure hygiene, hands, balls must be clean, if necessary, you can apply a little lubricant, (never use massage oil or hand cream, even if the lubricant must be water-based lubricant), not too much, because too much coated words will be too slippery, easy to slip out.

Then squat or lie flat, while looking in the mirror, while slowly Kegel ball stuffed in, stuffed when try to relax the body, the tighter the more difficult to stuff, if lying flat when stuffed with difficulty, slightly light lift the pelvis and then put in, but there are girls to stand with the way to raise one leg easier to stuffed in. After inserting the hole, you can slightly contract your vagina and try to pinch the ball in. After inserting the ball, you can adjust the depth by yourself, but make sure that the ball is at least 2cm away from the outside of your body and that it is completely pushed to the top of the pelvic floor muscles (similar to the position of a tampon). Also, make sure to leave a 2-3cm drawstring on the outside for easy removal.

How to use kegel ball? Details on the placement of the kegel ball, exercise tutorials, and the dangers of incorrect use 2
Kegel exercises

At first, it is recommended to take a bath at home, put the Kegel ball into your body, put a pad on it, sit or lie down, then breathe deeply and keep tightening the pelvic floor muscles for 5-10 seconds (contracting the urethra, anus and perineum), then relax slowly, push the ball outward slightly while relaxing, rest for 5-10 seconds, repeat the above actions for 15-20 minutes. Repeat for 15~20 minutes or 150~200 times a day.

Because of the initial adaptation to the Kegel ball, there may be obvious discomfort, and the ball will slide down when exercising, often there is also a feeling of wanting to pee, and at the same time there is a kind of tingling pleasure, the next day the abdominal muscles may have a sore feeling, just like the leg pain the next day after gym class, it is normal.

As the exercise continues, the muscles will become tighter and tighter, and the vaginal laxity will improve in 4-6 weeks, and after 3 months, the results will be obvious and some of these phenomena will disappear. In the beginning, you may not be able to do this amount, but you can gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise.

After you are familiar with the use of Kegel ball, you can walk a little, do some housework, practice yoga or swimming, and feel the impact of the ball in your body, and do the action of clamping the ball (contraction of urethra, anus and perineum) with the impact. According to personal preference, walk 3-5 steps to clip once, and continue walking for 20-30 minutes a day. If you are sitting or lying down, you can switch back to the above.

If you want to strongly experience the weight of the Kegel ball, you can try the action of running fast in place with high legs for 20~40 seconds at a time, while running and jumping, pay attention to the ball should be clamped at the same height. If you neglect to pay attention to the ball at this time, the kegel ball will easily slip down to the vaginal opening, which will greatly reduce the effect of training.

Alternatively, you can stand with your arms crossed and stand on your tiptoes while doing the ball clenching action, 20-50 times at a time, five times each time, which will not only exercise the tightness of the lower body, but also the curves of the lower body.

How to use kegel ball?

There are two types of ball clamping methods: one is to clamp the ball upwards, with the clitoris as the reference point, using the strength of the pelvic floor muscles to clamp straight upwards; one is to clamp the ball backwards, using the strength of the pelvic floor muscles to clamp in the direction of the anus.

In addition, the use of different brands and types of Kegel balls is also slightly different, for example, Luna Beads have different sizes, numbers and weights, you should start with lighter single balls at the beginning and gradually increase the weight and number. The intensity and duration of exercise are more scientific and not confined to the above requirements of duration and frequency.

If you want to go out with the ball, especially if you want to wear it to work, make sure you are familiar with the exercise process. In other words, you have to know how to use the Kegel ball, and then you have to pay attention to the expression control, you have to be able to not react to the body’s feeling on the expression, especially for sensitive girls, otherwise it is very embarrassing. It is recommended not to use it for more than 4 hours continuously, but if you need it, you can increase the length slightly, but no matter what, you should not wear it for the whole day, after all, the vagina is still very sensitive. It is not necessary to wear it overnight, but it is harmful to leave it on for too long, as it can cause leukorrhea and other abnormalities.

The last thing I want to talk about is how to clean the Kegel ball. First of all, there is a very important point, do not use alcohol wipe, long-term use will make the silicone material of the ball chemical reaction, also do not recommend the use of boiling water, will make the ball aging, disinfectant or what not to say. You can first clean with clean hot water, and then special cleaning agents, or soap, body wash, hand sanitizer and other further cleaning, if the detachable sphere must be disassembled to wash.

After washing, dry words, do not use toilet paper, the above confetti may remain on the surface of the sphere, it is best to use a non-fleece material towel to dry, you can also directly put to dry, but do not expose to the sun.

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