How to choose adult products?


Most of the adult products need to contact with the skin, especially the intimate parts of the body, to determine whether the purchase is in line with national safety standards, whether it is safe, whether the contact will irritate the skin, to buy products suitable for you.

How to choose adult products?

Some people are sexually indifferent, you can choose to stimulate the mood of adult products, such as erotic lingerie; some people because of physical reasons, you can choose to nourish and strengthen the body class; if you simply pursue the quality of life, choose the couple flirt class. A variety of, remember to choose their own needs, do not blindly buy.

For example, the vibrating egg, mainly through the vibration to make people get a sense of pleasure. Many women’s first sex toy is a vibrating egg, now the mainstream brand of vibrating eggs are skin-friendly silicone material, as for ABS vibrating eggs have been eliminated, it is not recommended to buy.


Each girl is different, buy the material, the diameter is to feel comfortable. Before using to smell there is no odor, how soft, can not bend, there is a silent effect, it is best to cover the kind of quilt without sound.

Some with vibration function, not the stronger the vibration, the better, the appropriate vibration will not make people feel uncomfortable. Good quality vibrating eggs are used tungsten steel vibration module. If you live in a dormitory, you can choose something more compact, such as lipstick-shaped, very nice.

Materials are generally divided into hard plastic, soft rubber and silicone and the so-called “virtual skin”. Hard plastic and soft rubber products do not have any smell, silicone products have a smell, sometimes even very heavy. This is the material itself, if you think this is a quality problem, it is a misunderstanding. Usually these products put on a few days after the smell naturally fade, or before use with alcohol rubbing, can also make the smell reduced. Virtual skin products are mostly used in inflatable dolls and some parts of the inverted mold products. These products feel good, the skin folds imitation is very realistic, but because of the characteristics of the material, so some friends in the purchase found that there should not be “wrinkles” where the birth of “wrinkles” thought it was also a quality problem, in fact, is still a misunderstanding.

How to choose adult products?

Generally speaking, a product is only used to know whether the quality is good or not. However, in view of the special nature of adult products, once used, is not refundable. So how do you know if the product you buy has quality problems? Method one, look at the appearance of whether there is a break, scratches, mutilations. Method two, electric apparatus with batteries, open the switch to see if the apparatus is normal expansion, vibration, rotation and so on.

In short, the choice is best to find the formal channels, buy some big brands, safety is most important.

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