Condoms general knowledge | Size, material, time delay, female condoms super detailed explanation

Condoms general knowledge | Size, material, time delay, female condoms super detailed explanation 1

Some people always feel that there are very few condom options for men, and looking at the variety of condoms on the market, there are still plenty.

First of all, condoms are divided into sizes. That’s right, condoms have a code. People who share common ideal know that different races and sizes naturally have different requirements for condom size. How do condoms distinguish size from size? There are two main criteria. The first is the circumference, the second is the breadth, the width of the condom flat measurement, is half of the circumference. Condoms are made of elastic material, so you should choose a size smaller than the actual size to prevent slipping. You can try using different sizes to feel which one is suitable.

Common brands on the market include Durex, Okamoto, Sagami and so on. Most latex condoms are 36 mm in diameter. 112 mm in circumference; 56 mm in width. If you think it’s too tight, you can choose a wider condom. If you think it’s too tight, you can choose a condom with more width. When the latex condom is 0.03 thick, in order to make it tighter and thinner, the perimeter and width will be smaller. The information above is written on the back of each box, but everyone is in a hurry to buy and use it, or just interested in using it, so they ignore the information above.

When it comes to the thickness of the condom, we all pursue 0.02, or the long-sold-out 0.01. This condom is made of PU material (polyurethane) instead of latex, because latex material can only be the thinnest 0.03, while PU material can be 0.01. What is the difference between the two? Latex is more elastic, more resistant to friction; PU is not as elastic as latex. You need enough lubrication to ensure a comfortable sex process.

If you want to try 0.02 and 0.01, based on the above information, you feel a little tight with latex condoms. You should use 0.02 or 0.01 large size (yes, there is a large size), because PU condoms are more snug, size is not right and easily feel tight. Of course, if you feel that ordinary latex condoms are a little loose, in fact, there are also more flattering sizes for you to choose.

The latest condom material is PI material (Polyisoprene), a medical material (mostly used for doctor’s touch), suitable for people who are allergic to latex or PU material. Polyimide material transfer heat quickly, which makes men closer to skin. There are only two condom companies producing condoms made of PI, so if you are looking for something that feels real, try a condom made of PI.

Finally, if you want to know what kind of condom is suitable for you, you should measure the circumference and length when you get an erection at home and then buy it. If you try more times, you will naturally find the right condom for you.

Condoms general knowledge | Size, material, time delay, female condoms super detailed explanation 2

Some people are allergic to latex (latex), so they choose PU and PI condoms. When it comes to latex sensitivity or hate the texture of artificial condoms, try the sheepskin condom made of natural sheepskin membrane, which is close to human skin. We all know that sheep intestine are the originator of condoms, so some people like the natural simplicity, so they will buy this kind of condom. However, sheepskin condoms can only be used for contraception, but can not be used to prevent AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, because there are tiny holes in sheepskin membrane that are not enough to prevent diseases, which is suitable for people who want contraception and pursue natural selection.

There are also condoms used by vegetarians on the market, which do not contain casein. Other condoms are made with casein, which is extracted from animals, so casein is incompatible with vegetarian lifestyle. Condoms available in the market for vegetarians are made of plant-derived gum and are available in different sizes and scents, which shows that the variety of condoms is diversified and takes care of the needs of vegetarians.

In addition, the way condoms are used together with lubricants is also very important.

The lubricant used on condoms is silicon-based lubricant, which is characterized by long-lasting lubrication, but it is more difficult to clean. Another lubricant that can be used on condoms is water-based lubricant, which is characterized by being more hydrating, close to the consistency of women’s natural secretions and easy to clean. There is one kind of lubricant that can never be used on condoms, that is, oil-based lubricants, because the oil will corrode the surface of the condom, causing them to break, so that the condom have only 10% effect. Most importantly, BB oil, petroleum jelly, hand cream, all are not lubricants, they will erode the condom, making the condom easy to break and infectious diseases.

Some people are sensitive to lubricants or don’t like them, and condoms without lubricants are actually sold on the market. Guys, if you hate the stickiness and taste of certain lubricants or don’t like certain condoms, I suggest you buy your own condoms and lubricants, it’s a way to take care of yourself.

There are some condoms that have the effect of delaying semen ejaculation and enhancing durability. There are three main principles. The first is to thicken the thickness of the condom to reduce the stimulation felt by the stem cunt, thus reducing sensitivity and slowing down the semen ejaculation. The second is the addition of lubricant Benzocaine in the condom, which is a lubricant containing anesthetic ingredients, will dissolve with body temperature, and can briefly reduce the sensitivity of the penis (people with sensitive skin should use caution). The third is that the design of the condom root is tighter, which slows down the speed of ejaculation.

As for the condom bump pattern, there are two types, one external (stimulation of the insertion side) and one internal (stimulation of the wearing side), with spiral patterns, bumps and so on for your choice. At the same time, condoms also have different scents. The main effect is to cover up the odor of latex condoms (although not everyone may care). There are now many different flavors for people to choose from. You can search the Internet.

Condoms general knowledge | Size, material, time delay, female condoms super detailed explanation 3

There is also a female condom which is not commonly used. The female condom has been introduced to give women greater rights to protect themselves. The female condom is made of PU or synthetic nitrile, which is more thermally conductive and tougher than latex condoms. The female condom has two fixed rings, the inner ring that needs to be pushed into the pubic bone of the vagina with a finger, and the outer ring that is at the vaginal opening. If the male partner does not want to wear a condom, the female partner can wear a female condom before sex. Female condoms perform the same function as male condoms in terms of contraception and prevention of disease transmission. The popularity of the female condom is low because many women are resistant to inserted devices (tampons, female condoms, plugs, etc.) and find them unsightly.

Although low in popularity in Eurasia, the female condom has become very popular in some developing countries in Africa. It has not only curbed the serious AIDS epidemic there, but has also brought about a change in the local family planning mindset.

The female condom brings greater autonomy to women and is also a reflection of men’s reluctance to wear condoms. Women have the right to say no if their partner does not want to wear a condom. Think about the possible risks of sex without a condom (disease, pregnancy) and know how to love yourself. Safety is the priority, health is the priority.

This article explains roughly what kinds of condoms are available on the market for you to choose from and hopefully will help you understand your intimacy needs. Everyone’s sex life is different, so there are all kinds of sexual commodities available. Relatively speaking, there is no need to mind too much or worry too much about being different from others because we are born unique.

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