Will sex toys get more sensitive with more? 10 frequently asked questions about sex toys

Will sex toys get more sensitive with more? 10 frequently asked questions about sex toys 1

Will sex toys get more sensitive with more? Ten frequently asked questions about sex toys

#01 What is the difference between a vibrator and a vibrating egg?

The egg and the vibrator are relatively conventional sex toys, many people will not be able to tell the difference between them, or mistakenly believe that they are cross or contain relationship, but in fact they are like shower gel and shampoo, the use is not the same.

Will sex toys get more sensitive with more? 10 frequently asked questions about sex toys 2

The vibrating egg is small, easy to carry, there are two kinds of entry and non-entry, generally mainly used to stimulate the clitoris and near the mouth of the Tao Yin, more suitable for the clitoris sensitive girls, want to use the vibrating egg to reach the Tao Yin orgasm or difficult. The vibrator is generally a long bar, deep inside the Tao Yin, can strongly stimulate the Tao Yin. But to stimulate the clitoris and will feel “not strong”.

When you choose to buy as needed, it is good. However, there are also jumpers with designs that differ greatly from the traditional imaginary jumpers, such as the iroha stick and the Vesper.

#02 Why should the anal vibrator be specially designed, I can’t replace it with a small vibrating egg and vibrator?

Because we all know the small asshole is relatively tight, after stuffing something, due to muscle action will be easy to automatically sucked in, if you can not take out then you have to go to the hospital ……

The butt stick generally has a base part, which is to prevent it from slipping in, and the base design of the butt stick can also massage to the perineum, making the stimulation more intense. What’s more, when using a vibrator we have our hands in front of us, a person can operate it easily, but the asshole is in the back, back over the hands to operate is not easy, if you use a vibrator instead, especially some of the more tiny sticks, it is easy to get inside and out.

Buttocks, the general public or with a lubricant to play again, so as not to be injured. Lubricant, common and divided into water-based and silicon-based two, it is recommended to use the silicone-based, more durable, just not good to wash.

#03 With sex toys still need male and female friends well, sex toys can replace the partner?

Sex toys and partners have their own benefits, sex toys have the frequency of vibration that no one can ever achieve, simply from the degree of physical stimulation, is very intense, but the sense of interaction between real people, the beauty of skin-to-skin, the joy of emotional mingling and so on these, is that sex toys can never give.

But this time I would like to offer a famous saying “children only do choose, adults are all want”.

Will sex toys get more sensitive with more? 10 frequently asked questions about sex toys 3

Although so said, but inevitably there are still boys worried about girls playing with more sex toys, raise the threshold, afraid of not being satisfied, as for this issue has been discussed in depth before, whether sex toys are really better than boyfriends.

#04 sex toys with more, will not affect the sensitivity, become increasingly difficult to orgasm?

It’s like when you eat a lot of sugar in one gulp, then the next time you eat something slightly less sweet, you’ll feel less sweet, but then you go back to it a few days later and it’s still sweet.

Sex toys are also the same, in a night, continuous use, the feeling will also become numb some, such as the first orgasm may be a few minutes, the second time it becomes ten minutes, but rest rest, after a while on the good la. It doesn’t change your sensitivity forever.

And we never worry about the number of sexual intercourse will change their sensitivity, do once have to do once the pleasure, why this time the pleasure has not arrived, worry about the future pleasure can not reach it.

There are sex toys, like shrinkage balls such things, more like sporting goods in the erotic world, can exercise the dao Yin muscles, making it tighter and easier to orgasm during intercourse.

#05 Sex toys will be used more and more sensitive, as written in the novel, was developed ……

Not really.

A more likely scenario is that one is more likely to orgasm when using sex toys because of the high intensity of stimulation and relaxation, but this is not because you play with sex toys become sensitive, but because the intensity of stimulation of the toy itself is strong ah.

Will sex toys get more sensitive with more? 10 frequently asked questions about sex toys 4

Just like for most people, watching TV is always easier to get hooked than reading a book, because the stimulation of the TV screen than the stimulation of the book, too big. Of course, reading a book has the pleasure of reading a book, purely physical pleasure, just one of life’s many pleasures.

#06 How do I convince my significant other to use sex toys together? I think my other half is quite conservative and feels that she may not accept sex toys, but I would like to try them with her.

The first step is of course to speak up first, you don’t say how to know how people think about it, maybe she’s already looking forward to it. Pick a point of orgasm after intercourse two people, happy, when the moment to say a sentence, why not next time we try XXX it, the success rate will be higher oh.

Secondly, the initial proposal can start with two people together with the sex toys, after all, if a person with, the other party may feel not in the play sex toys, but in your play. So you can choose some shared by both sides, such as vibrating locking sperm ring, this, both sides have a sense of participation, will be good to start a lot. In the beginning, you can use a small monster such as the shape of the cute, girls are more receptive to some. (About many people are curious about the problem of whether the fun little monster will fall in, the tampon will not fall in ah, the little monster will not be more)

Once again, like all communication, be prepared for a time will not be successful, do not have to be easily discouraged, not this time, the next time to talk about it, really can not, they play their own also very good ah. Don’t force each other, but it will backfire.

#07 When you want to use sex toys with lubrication, what kind should you choose?

Silicone toys can not be used with silicone-based or oil-based lubricants, because it will corrode the surface of the toy, and can only be used with water-based lubricants. So the use of sex toys with lubricant can only choose water-based lubricant.

#08 The first time I use sex toys, I don’t feel comfortable?

Sex toys are not a panacea, many friends have great expectations of sex toys, and once they come up, they are used indiscriminately, half of the foreplay is not, naturally, will not be happy. Yes, play sex toys also need foreplay, need to wait for themselves into the state, and then use. It is best to also with some lubricant.

Different sex toys have different functions, but corresponding to their own sensitive parts are also different, a Tao Yin is not sensitive enough and clitoral sensitive people, may use the Tao Yin stimulation toy effect, far less than the clitoral stimulation of the vibrating egg effect. So it is important to choose the right sex toy.

Will sex toys get more sensitive with more? 10 frequently asked questions about sex toys 5

In addition, and all toys, just like with people, need a bonding process, most sex toys have many kinds of vibration patterns, relax and go slowly to find the most suitable mode for you.

#09 Sex toys can be used for years, sex toys and not broken that with how long to change it?

Most sex toys have a warranty of 1 year, but as long as they are well maintained, they can still be used for several years, and will not expire without being used. But on the other hand, the silicone stick, battery will also be aging, and long-term repeated use may not be thoroughly cleaned because of the bacteria accumulation, it is recommended not to use too many years.

Not to mention that there are so many cute and creative new sex toys on the market, each for different scenes, parts, to do the interesting design, do not want to try? You don’t have to wait until the toy is broken to change the sex toy, your heart will be moved.

#10 Sex toys how to clean ah, I’m always afraid of washing clean how to ah?

First of all, it is highly recommended that you wear a cover on all toys that will enter your body, so that it will be much more hygienic. It is also best to keep it in a separate storage bag during the day, so don’t just put it outside and leave it in the dust.

But even if they do, the toys are cleaned and disinfected or necessary, before and after each use is best to rinse clean with water, regular disinfection, but do not use boiling water and alcohol. Boiling water disinfection is easy to destroy the surface material of the toy, shortening the life of the toy. Alcohol disinfection is too strong and irritating to toys and skin.

So the easiest way is to choose to use a professional cleaning and disinfection spray. Not only will not damage the toy material, but also will not bring harm to human stimulation, and disinfection is more thorough.

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