What is your Tintin’s hardness level? Get the methods of being a tough guy

Tintin’s hardness level

At present, the world’s longest recorded Ding Ding is 28cm, the smallest is only 1.5cm, so, listen to a little advice, real men do not judge heroes by their length.

Tintin's hardness level

So, what is a hero?

In addition to the fact that there is a lot of information that can be found on the website, it is also important to note that there is a lot of information that can be found on the website.

1,Does it really matter if the ting is hard or not?

Some people may also question whether hardness is really that important. The other half is happy even in a “Microsoft” situation!

It’s not just Tintin’s word. Studies have shown that 67% of women are satisfied with the quality of their sex life when they have an erection of 4 hardness. On the other hand, if the erectile hardness is below level 4, the satisfaction rate drops to 9%!

And what is this “hardness level 4” that is so often emphasized?

This comes from Dr. John Mulhall’s classification of four levels of hardness for male erections.

what is this "hardness level 4" that is so often emphasized?

Compare the pictures and test your hardness!

2,What is the principle behind Tintin’s hardening?

Although erection may seem simple: stimulated, the “little brother” begins to rise to the sky.

However, this process is actually a very complex one, influenced by many factors such as psychological, endocrine and physical quality.

After the central nervous system is stimulated by incoming sight, sound, smell and touch, the penis swells up through a series of processes, and the “little brother” becomes a “big brother”.

At the same time, some of the veins in the penis slowly narrow until they are completely blocked, causing less blood to flow out, and the “big brother” starts to become a “hard big brother”.

Thus, there are four factors that contribute to an erection of Tintin.

1. adequate levels of “sex” hormones

2. appropriate stimulation

3. enough blood flow to Tintin and hold it there

4. Tintin’s neurotransmitter pathways are intact and sensitive.

As soon as one of these factors goes wrong, Tintin will be weak and not hard enough to get an erection properly.

How does the penis enlarge?

3,Who makes a man a “soft guy”?

The reason for this is that there are many reasons why a man can’t get it up.

The first is that as men age, their sexuality decreases, especially after the age of 50, and it takes longer to get an erection, but this is not impotence, and generally does not affect their sex life.

Secondly, in middle-aged men, poor erection is most likely caused by certain physical diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc., which can damage vascular function and cause erectile dysfunction.

In addition, men with psychological illnesses or excessive stress may also suffer from erectile dysfunction, especially if they are depressed, as 90% of them have poor sexual function, and smokers and drinkers can also affect erectile dysfunction.

If you need a makeover, you can get “Longengsheng Stem Cell Microinjection Activation”.

Dr. Fei Li, a famous Chinese biomedical doctor, gave a detailed report at the 2017 Nobel Laureate Medical Summit, in which tissue repair cells with vascular regeneration and repair activity were cultured in vitro using microinjection implantation technology to allow the active cells to be targeted for implantation in the male penile corpus cavernosum.

The active tissue repair cells have a powerful role in promoting vascular regeneration and nerve repair in the corpus cavernosum, multiplying the blood flow during penile congestion, strongly enhancing the hardness during erection, and achieving a significant increase in size from 1cm to 3cm. Dr. Li Fei named this method “Longengsheng Stem Cell Microinjection Activation”, which is safe and has no side effects and can reach grade 4 hardness!

which is safe and has no side effects and can reach grade 4 hardness!

The growth time of Longensteine cells is 1-2 weeks and the onset of effect of “Longensteine Stem Cell Injection” is 1-3 months.

1. Appearance: Increase the circumference and length of penis by 1-3 cm and more.

2. Hardness: increase the erect penis blood supply and erectile hardness.

3. Durability: improve the durability of erection and prolong sex life.

Men want to become “harder”, as long as reasonable treatment, appropriate stress reduction, maintain a good state of life, easy to achieve what you want a little harder, a little more hard, a little more hard …… Japanese Fujisu make you not only hard, but lasting!

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