Why do women twitch when they have an orgasm?

Why do women twitch when they have an orgasm?

When having sex with each other will be too excited to commit and forget about themselves, but some careful men will find that when women reach orgasm, the body will have a series of performance, the most common of which is twitching, may be some people wonder into the orgasm is not excited and enjoy it? Why is the body twitching phenomenon?

Why do women twitch when they have an orgasm?

The phenomenon of female orgasmic twitching is relatively common, the body will produce physiological reactions due to excitement in the process of sexual life, the most obvious physiological reaction is the expansion of blood vessels, while the expansion of blood flow will accelerate.

The penis and clitoris will quickly bleed and swell in a short time, and in addition to genital changes, the body’s brain and emotions will follow the change, which will make the female clitoris in a hyper-sensitive state, and when it reaches orgasm there will be a series of reactions because of the sensitivity of being touched, which also includes convulsions.

Why do women twitch when they have an orgasm?

What should we pay attention to in our female sex life?

1. Good personal hygiene

Women need to wash their vaginas before and after sex for good personal hygiene. Since the vagina expands during sex, bacteria and viruses can take advantage of the situation and multiply and cause diseases, so it is important to wash before and after sex, and not to irrigate the vagina after sex, as this will destroy the vaginal protection barrier and reduce the vaginal protection ability and cause diseases.

2. Control the frequency of sex

Frequent sex can lead to repeated pelvic congestion and damage to the vaginal mucosa, so don’t overdo it during sex because of indulgence.

3. Not immediately after hunger or full stomach

In the state of eating dinner or hunger can not have sex, because after eating a full meal blood flow to the intestines, resulting in insufficient blood supply to other organs, sex is easy because of insufficient blood supply to the brain and problems, sex when hungry because the body is not strong enough, not energetic lead to poor quality of sex, and even cause other problems.

4. Emotional instability to be alert

In the state of emotional instability and anxiety to avoid sex, women in this case there is no way to fully engaged, will lead to sexual discomfort such as pain, will aggravate the psychological shadow of women and reject sex.

Women in the process of sex will have a series of reactions, so understand clearly can be normal and prevent accidents, and before and after sex to do a good job of attention, some of the circumstances to understand in detail to avoid. And also pay attention to not immediately after sex bath, the process of sex pores open expansion, immediately bath will cause a cold, and even lead to cardiovascular disease, need to rest half an hour before bathing, in order to ensure safety.

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