There is also time differences in orgasm? Great difference between men and women

Do you know there is also time differences in orgasm?

Do you know there is also time differences in orgasm?

Orgasm is not for everyone. From a physiological point of view, the gap between men and women is obvious. There is a great difference in the time of orgasm between men and women. Usually, women are more difficult than men to reach orgasm, and they are more likely to have false orgasms. Why are there such a significant difference? Listen to what experts say!

According to reports, David, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University, is aiming at the inequality of male and female orgasm. Friedrich said that regardless of sexual orientation, men have more opportunities for orgasm than women, and social culture or evolution may be the reason for the gap in orgasm.

Compared with men, women are more likely to be dissatisfied with their bodies and even pay attention to these unnecessary problems, which is better than the process of sex. In secular view, if women take the initiative to ask sexual questions or express their sexual desire, they are more likely to feel ashamed, which will affect their sexual satisfaction and ability to reach orgasm.

Do you know there is also time differences in orgasm?

Physiologically speaking, it is usually more difficult for women than men to reach orgasm.

But another explanation is that male orgasm help to promote reproduction. Frederick said that there was a theory that orgasm is more likely to happen to human ancestors, and its function is to induce ovulation. Once the menstrual cycle begins to regulate ovulation, orgasm has nothing to do with reproduction for women, and women’s ability and difficulty in orgasm are highly variable, which is one of the reasons why women’s orgasm frequency is lower than that of men.

Some scholars believe that the time difference of climax has a lot to do with physiological structure! A study published in the Journal of Behavior and Hormone pointed out that the shorter the distance between clitoris and urethra, the easier it is for women to reach orgasm. Studies have shown that if the distance between clitoris and urethral orifice is less than 2 cm, it is easier for women to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

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