Multiple orgasms are harmful to the body? What are the benefits of orgasm for men?

Multiple orgasms are harmful to the body?

Orgasm is a physical response to sexual stimulation, including ejaculation, convulsions and a series of physical manifestations, and both men and women are capable of having orgasms. Many people take orgasm or not as an important factor to measure whether the sex life is harmonious and high quality, so, multiple orgasms are harmful to the body? What are the benefits of orgasm for men?

Multiple orgasms are harmful to the body?

1. Too much physical exertion

Sex can be treated as a sport, his physical exertion is very large. Multiple orgasms means that the time of sex is too long or multiple times in a short period of time, so the loss of the body is very large, and over time may even affect the person’s concentration and memory, so that people are depressed, inattentive, work and learning efficiency declined.

2. Affect sexual function

The most important manifestation of a man’s orgasm is ejaculation multiple orgasms also means multiple ejaculations. After the first ejaculation, in order to prolong the ejaculation time, the second always consciously do not ejaculate, which leaves a hidden problem, the possibility of future impotence and premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction will be higher. In addition, such a continuous sexual life in a period of time will cause the loss of male sexual function, so that male sexual function decline.

3. Induce disease

If a man has sex several times in a row, the prostate will always be in a state of congestion and swelling, easily inducing prostatitis, vesiculitis and some other male diseases. In addition, excessive sex is also easy to make men’s waist lumbar muscle strain, will back pain unbearable. If a woman has too much sex, the vagina will be mechanically damaged, so bacteria and viruses will take advantage of the situation and cause women to suffer from gynecological diseases.

Multiple orgasms are harmful to the body?

What are the benefits of orgasm for men?

1. Relieve stress

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, people are facing more and more pressure, and because of the busy work is no way to vent the pressure, over time there will be physical problems and psychological problems. Sex is a better way to relieve stress, men in the release of sexual intercourse, you will be able to get the pleasure of Androphonium, this hormone can relieve people’s anxiety, so that people are released from stress.

2. Improve human immunity

Keeping a regular and harmonious sex life is good for your health, one of which is to improve the immune system. Men in the time of orgasm, can improve the level of immunoglobulin a, this antibody can enhance the body’s immunity, immunity has improved, the face of the flu and other diseases can effectively resist.

3. Husband and wife feelings more sweet

If the sex life between men and women is particularly harmonious, it can make the relationship become more good, if the couple is not good feelings, in the sex life will also be tasteless. The male orgasm can make the man’s mind incomparable pleasure, so that it can improve the male in the sexual affairs of the enthusiasm, not to appear sexually indifferent situation. If you have a high level of motivation in your sex life, you will be able to urge your sex life to be regular and you will be able to make the relationship more intimate.

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