How can women reach orgasm more easily? Do this before sex

How can women reach orgasm more easily?

Many women, because of the influence of traditional concept, believe that sex is shy and unspeakable. So sex life is in a passive state, can not be fully engaged, but also can not enjoy the pleasure of sex life. To correct a good attitude towards sex, master the relevant matters can enjoy orgasm.

How can women reach orgasm more easily?

How can women reach orgasm more easily?

1. Touching sensitive parts

Before sex women can stimulate sensitive parts, find the body sexually responsive parts, when in a state of sexual excitement can make the sexual organs congested. Also in the process of sex can also be appropriate sexual fantasy, feel close to orgasm, to let the mind and spirit to relax, appropriate positive sexual fantasy, active contraction and sexual activity related muscles, can let the tense muscles to be released, about a few minutes can feel the orgasm.

2. Learn the skills

If you want to enjoy the pleasure and pleasure of sex, you should learn more ways to enhance the skills that can enhance the sex appeal, so that the body and mind to get a certain sense of pleasure and promote a harmonious sex life, increase the feelings of couples. The skills mentioned here, there are sweet words or massage, perfume smell and sexy clothes.

3. Take the initiative to put forward their needs

Women need to take the initiative to confess to their sexual partners, more communication and communication, express their true ideas. Keep the sex environment romantic and quiet and comfortable, let it touch and kiss the sex sensitive area, often change the sex life position, so as not to make sex too monotonous.

4. Often change the sex position

The female orgasm point is about 5 cm from the vaginal opening, and the edge of the orgasm point is two cm from the vaginal opening is easily stimulated, but the wrong sex position can not let women get orgasm. So choose the right angle of sex, so that the G-spot gets some stimulation. Although the female orgasm feeling is short, but as long as the genital organs related caress, a few minutes to feel the pleasure.

5. There are 10 ~ 15 minutes foreplay

No matter how high the sexual excitement must have about 10~15 minutes of foreplay, emotional preparation, can be enhanced by kissing caressing hugging and massage, etc., can make the vaginal wall have enough time to secrete a lot of lubrication, so that the penis smoothly inserted.

Before and after sex, you must do a good job of local cleaning and hygiene, carefully washing the genital area to prevent infection. In addition, condoms should be prepared before sex, which can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Couples can shower at the same time, can close the distance between each other, and can enhance the feelings and increase the interest of sex life. Most women like the sexual process slow and integrated, can not rush to insert to slowly touch. In addition women can also be appropriate sexual fantasy.

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