Can g-spot determine orgasm?

Can the g-spot determine orgasm?

It is said that the human body has many sexual arousal points can control the desire, but women do not feel so, because they can not always find orgasm, no matter where to tease the sexual arousal point, can not get 100% pleasure and satisfaction. So, who on the human body can actually control the orgasm?

Can the g-spot determine orgasm?

The discovery of the g-spot should be a boon to women. 1950, the German gynecologist Geffenberger discovered that the female body has one of the most sensitive areas, and later named the g-spot after the first letter of his surname. Many sex manuals give it too much of a mystery.

In fact, there are many women who like to stimulate this area, but there are also many women who are indifferent to the g-spot, or even reject it. Each woman’s body structure is very different, and their sensitive places are also different. Physiologically speaking, the nerve sensory centers of orgasm are concentrated in four areas: vagina, clitoris, uterus and cervix. In addition to the g-spot, stimulation of these four areas can also lead to orgasm.

Can the g-spot determine orgasm?

Can pc muscle exercise stimulate orgasm?

The muscle group at the base of the pelvis is known by the acronym pc muscle. If you intentionally stop for a few seconds in the middle of urination, and then continue to urinate several times, the muscle in the middle of the stretching movement is the pc. kegel invented a kind of exercise, with the rhythmic release to exercise the pc, the purpose is to gradually increase the number of muscle contractions, increase the strength of the contraction. Studies have confirmed that the kegel exercise helps to achieve orgasm.

In women, kegel exercises directly increase the elasticity and strength of the vaginal muscles, making her more sensitive to vaginal stimulation and making orgasm easier and more intense. For a man, kegel exercises increase the strength and intensity of the muscle groups responsible for ejaculation, giving him much greater control over his ejaculation.

Can libido hold orgasm?

The onset of libido has a lot to do with sex hormones. When the endocrine system in the body is abnormal and hormone levels are low, desire is also reduced, causing abnormal contractions of the uterus and reduced sensibility to orgasm. So there must be a normal desire to obtain orgasm. Factors that affect desire include 13 emotions, age, feelings, alcohol consumption, smoking, drugs, illness, sight, hearing, touch, smell, attention, and memory. For example, physical obesity, blood pressure medication, and sedative medication can reduce sexual arousal and decrease sexual desire in women, resulting in reduced sensuality.

Whether orgasm can be cultivated?

According to statistics, within the first month of marriage, 51% of brides do not have an orgasm, and after a year only 25% of women are left without an orgasm. Desire is the forerunner of orgasm, so the basis of orgasm is the woman’s own ability to glow with desire for sex. Women’s sexual desires fluctuate, but are more elusive than men’s because they are cyclical, corresponding to the menstrual cycle.

Women’s desire is strongest two days before and seven days after menstruation, especially stronger before than after menstruation. We can prepare a libido graph for ourselves like a basic body temperature chart, to know when our desire peaks, it will be easier to experience the pleasure of the peak.

Can sex toys give women orgasms?

It has to be admitted that sex toys can give women unparalleled stimulation, and they are very new and unexpected. If you want to use it to stimulate an orgasm, you need to use a specially targeted object. For example, the use of l shock massager, it can be from the inside out, giving women a full range of pleasure, g point, clitoris will enjoy full stimulation, the chances of orgasm will naturally be greatly improved. Therefore, as long as you use the right sex toys, you can control the woman orgasm Oh.

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