What are the side effects of male topical delay sprays?

What are the side effects of male topical delay sprays? 1

Delayed spraying can help your male reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis and prolong sex life. As an old driver who sold more than 1000 bottles of delayed spraying, customers and I asked me the most questions: What are the side effects of male topical delay sprays? Today, I’m going to make a good agreement.

Before writing the article, I also looked at the online doctors’s answer, and the side effects did not exceed two points. The first point is dependence, and I always want to use it. The second point is that some sensitive bodies will feel depressed and numb, as if their brothers are not their own, and they have burning sensation, which may lead to erection.

For these two side effects, I still have to explain them from the perspective of practitioners and health department. Are these side effects of male sprays? The side effects of dependence include drug dependence and psychological dependence. And pleasure frustrated people may have incorrect use or did not choose the right spray for themselves.

What are the side effects of male topical delay sprays?

1. Dependent side effects

In fact, there is a very obscure explanation for drug dependence, so I will explain it to you briefly. The prerequisite for drug dependence is that the drug can make people dependent. What are these drugs include? I will just mention a few common ones: alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, tobacco, acetone and other volatile solvents.

As you can see, there is probably only alcohol in these drugs in the spray. Most alcohol-containing sprays are relatively cheap. Alcohol sprays is used as nerve paralysis spray, but it is difficult to rely on alcohol unless there is a large amount of alcohol abuse.

And now more sprays are physical delay type of spray, using herbal ingredients, by improving the flow rate of capillaries to reduce sensitivity. This category is relatively safe, and basically has no side effects, so I generally sell this spray, if interested in contacting me.

And again, the psychological dependence side effects put, in fact, I did not see this as a side effect at all. I sell sprays will be and customers say, you need to taste the taste of beautiful sex first, if you are more sensitive, always 3, 4 min on the ejaculation, you and your female partner never taste the taste of complete love.

In my eyes, the spray is to give you psychological comfort and will not let you have a dependence psychology. Every time there is the first time lovemaking men ask me if I need to buy spray, I will say bluntly, for the first time, is to do psychological comfort, they finally also buy, and the time is also more satisfactory.

What are the side effects of male topical delay sprays?

2. The side effects of frustration and erectile weakness

The side effects of frustrated pleasure and erectile insecurity are really important to many people. I also have a lot of customers and I have responded, but this is all my first year in the industry, selling the kind of alcohol-basedpray, alcohol – based spray is to make people feel numb, forcibly not feeling, to extend sex time.

I have also been scolded by customers several times, and I didn’t sell these cheap things in the end. As I said above, alcohol-based sprays paralyzes neurons, which not only makes you numb, but also makes you numb when your girlfriend opens your mouth, so it is better to choose those herbal sprays.

The side effects of sprayed erection are mainly caused by some delayed neuronal transmission components in the spray, the manufacturer’s technician and I said this essential, so you can only adjust from the use of the method up.

This is the side effects of delayed spraying for men. If you want to buy delayed spraying, you can get it here >>

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