Sperm liquefaction abnormalities?A piece of Japanese Tengsu to solve the problem

Sperm liquefaction abnormalities?A piece of Japanese Tengsu to solve the problem

The term “sperm liquefaction abnormalities” is probably new to most people. But it is a real common condition that most of us rarely notice and at most only rarely experience. But in case the problem becomes a persistent behavior, it is a disease. To put it plainly, it is a problem with our sperm in the testicles that leads to abnormal liquefaction, which eventually leads to inability to ejaculate or inactivity of the ejaculated sperm. It is also a condition that is very harmful to men and is a great threat to our sexual health. The only way to solve this problem is to improve the overall sexual function! Then take a tablet of Japanese Tengsu!

Sperm liquefaction abnormalities?A piece of Japanese Tengsu to solve the problem

Japanese Tengsu comprehensive improvement of sexual function, the perfect solution to sperm problems

Familiar with our friends know that Japanese Tengsu has been a very competent male health care products, specifically for male friends to solve a variety of sexual health problems, is the best human body guards for our men! As the world’s most popular male health care products, Japanese Tengsu has long occupied an important position in the world of health care, over the years in the fierce market competition does not fall behind, not only by the support of male users across the country, more is its own excellent product strength brought about by the economic benefits! The Japanese Tengsu pill is extracted from more than a dozen valuable herbs (which also contains Japan’s unique “red root grass” ingredients supplemented by a variety of such as deer whip, pumpkin seed oil and other nourishing male kidney medicine), strictly follow the formula requirements, and then through the precision instrument factory processing, through more than a dozen complex steps, and finally from the sterile environment of the The final product is produced in a sterile production chain. The complex operations and industrial investment involved are unimaginable! This shows the corporate conscience of Japanese Tengsu.

The pills that have been refined through such layers of processes have all the medicinal effects of the herbs concentrated in a small pill: on the one hand, it can be taken as a powerful male aphrodisiac to help you regain your manhood and be a real man all night long! To solve the problem of impotence, premature ejaculation and so on. On the other hand is its health care effect, as long as long-term adherence to take the Japanese vine pill, once a day, once a capsule, you can see the obvious results within one to two months, because the effect of the Japanese Tengsu will continue to accumulate, and then gradually deep into the human endocrine system began to regulate, and then nourish the internal organs, promote metabolism, and finally improve the overall physical quality and sexual ability. In this process, sperm quality is also improved, the sexual organs are healthy, sperm quality is naturally good, testosterone secretion increased, all indicators are revitalized, sperm liquefaction abnormalities will be solved!

Japanese Tengsu comprehensive improvement of sexual function

What exactly is abnormal sperm liquefaction?

This is the process of sperm production to ejaculation: after ejaculation, normal semen is thick and jelly-like under the action of coagulase secreted by the seminal vesicles, and then liquefied and thinner by the action of fibrinolytic enzymes secreted by the prostate gland 10 to >20 minutes after ejaculation. It is only after the ejaculation that the semen can be smoothly ejaculated; abnormal liquefaction refers to the phenomenon that the semen cannot be completely liquefied at least half an hour after ejaculation or starts to liquefy after more than an hour, which includes non-liquefaction of semen and delayed liquefaction of semen, that is, abnormal liquefaction of sperm. Therefore, the first step to solve the problem is to rationalize the endocrine system and normalize the secretion of hormones after taking Japanese Tengsu!

Secondly, abnormal semen liquefaction will increase the viscosity of semen, which will affect sperm vitality and survival rate. It slows down or inhibits sperm from entering the uterine cavity for fertilization and causes infertility. This is the problem of poor sperm quality. By taking Japanese Tengsu, its nourishing micronutrients will work to improve sperm quality and achieve a radical cure!


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