how do you delay ejaculation?

how do you delay ejaculation?

How do you delay ejaculation?

Male sexual reaction cycle mainly includes the following stages.

  • Exciting period (erection period)
  • Platform period (continuous pumping allows continuous accumulation of excitement)
  • High tide (ejaculation when excitement reaches the threshold of ejaculation stimulation peak)
  • Low tide (return to weakness)

Male sexual reaction cycle mainly includes the following stages.

Ejaculation stimulation threshold, which reflects the periodic changes in premature ejaculation patients and normal men, refers to the minimum stimulation intensity needed to release one ejaculation behavior response. Stimulation below this threshold can not lead to the release of ejaculation behavior.

And explain:

1. The smaller the intensity and accumulation of sexual stimulation and cumulative stimulation, the smaller the excitement and the longer the time. The longer the plateau period, the longer the sexual life time, and the greater the stimulation intensity: the vagina is tighter than when the vagina is relaxed. The stimulus is stronger, and the sound is stronger than the stimulus without sound.

2. The lower the sensitivity of sexual stimulation, the easier it is to endure. The lower the sensitivity of glans penis is, the lower the sexual stimulation is, and the longer plateau period is.

3. Besides the above two points, it is also important to control the speed of excitement. The slower the rise of excitement, the easier it is to last. For men who are very skilled in sex life, it is very easy to control the speed and rhythm of sex life.

4, the necessary conditioned reflex mode of the spinal reflex center, for example: long-term frequent masturbation, men who pursue rapid orgasm ejaculation, the time is relatively short, accumulated for many years, it is more difficult to extend the time when they are in the same room as normal, and many will have premature ejaculation. Reaction, if each time is long before, can generally be stable for a long time.

how do you delay ejaculation?


1. Controlling the factors affecting the plateau period can prolong the plateau period, that is, control the sensitivity of sexual stimulation, reducing the intensity of sexual stimulation and increase the cumulative amount of sexual stimulation.

2. As for the third point, it is necessary to test true knowledge through practice, and practice.

3. Men who have masturbation habits should pay attention to prolonging masturbation time,

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