What is habitual premature ejaculation? How to treat habitual premature ejaculation?

What is habitual premature ejaculation?

Some brothers have good hardness and normal erection, but the actual combat time is short and even premature ejaculation occurs. The fact is that you will be able to get much more than just a few days.

This is habitual premature ejaculation, which is more common among young adults. This kind of habitual premature ejaculation is not prescribed by doctors, especially for young “patients”.

However, most “patients” who take “self-treatment” do not improve their actual combat time.

Can you become a chef in one sentence? Turn on the fire, drain the oil, put down small ingredients, stir-fry, put meat, then turn, drain, cover, wait for 10 minutes, and put it on a plate to cook.

Apparently not. So, what should I do?

If you want to know how to “treat”, we need to fundamentally analyze what is habitual premature ejaculation and how it is caused.

What is habitual premature ejaculation?

1. Classification of habitual premature ejaculation: active and passive.

The actual fact is that the actual behavior is “training”, and habitual premature ejaculation can be divided into active and passive types.

The essence of habitual premature ejaculation is that some elements of sexual ability are at a lower level or the level is lowered.

1.1 active premature ejaculation

The appetizer are also the most concerned topic: does masturbation cause premature ejaculation?

If you think masturbation causes premature ejaculation, it is estimated that 99% of the brothers are premature ejaculation. I’m the only one who has premature ejaculation because everyone masturbates? The answer may be found by careful self analysis.

Here we only analyze the psychological thoughts, the consciousness level. This habitual premature ejaculation is called “thinking fast”.

1.1.1 Please ask, have you ever tried the following situations.

Masturbation rookie, his hands are tired, and he wants to launch quickly.

The old driver who masturbated, who watched the movie very high, wanted the pleasure of that moment at first, and his psychological estimation was “hurry up, hurry up”, “heroine we are together” … The results as desired.

The room, bathroom, dormitory, etc. When masturbating for fear of others to find, the psychological estimate thinking “hurry up, hurry up”, “launch fast to not be found”.


What is habitual premature ejaculation?

If the above situation is very familiar, or even lasted n years, the probability is that this is the cause of your premature ejaculation.

This is where your consciousness “directs” the behavior that leads to the result you want – a fast ejaculation. After repeating this kind of consciousness many times, you will get into trouble and easily form a “state”. At this point, it’s just a spiritual change, but you haven’t noticed.

As the repetition of this behavior, this consciousness has been strengthened. Your brain will have less or no control over the emission. With this constant repetition, a series of changes will take place, and finally a habit will be formed. This will be discussed later.

Therefore, you must stop some bad behaviors of masturbation, and don’t strengthen it into a habit. It will be very difficult to change it.

These behavioral habits, do you have them?

The relationship is not good, I want to “end quickly, I don’t want to have sex with her.”

When using the delayed spray, the pleasure is a little low, or difficult to launch, will also think “quickly launch, quickly launch.

The body is tired, it is not easy to refuse, can only say to themselves “hurry up and launch, I want to rest”

The bed is loud, the sound insulation is not good for fear that the sound of the actual battle affects others, but also think “hurry up and end, find out how embarrassing”


How to treat habitual premature ejaculation?

When he realized his habitual premature ejaculation, he was “powerless” by changing his consciousness and thoughts, because your sexual ability is lower than before.

1.2 Passive premature ejaculation

Passive external factors are only the triggers, and are the triggers of habitual premature ejaculation.

1.2.1 Are you familiar with the following situations.

Relationship is not harmonious, and I want to “end it quickly and don’t want to have sex with her.”

The bed is loud, the sound insulation is not good for fear that the sound of the actual battle will affect others, but also think “end it quickly, find out how embarrassing”

This is not the formation of the above active type of habitual premature ejaculation reasons?

Yes, but they have a different influences on him.

Relationship is not harmonious, and the actual combat may be just no passion, homework or revenge for him. He doesn’t want to end it soon, but it just become shorter.

Bed rattling and so on. This is just the trigger. He did not want to end quickly, but just became faster.

The same factor will have different effects on different people. That is, some people will ejaculate prematurely and some will not.

Therefore, psychological quality is also very important for real battle.

1.2.2 Habitual premature ejaculation that is passively developed, and the following conditions

Thinking about the last or past failures in actual combat, thinking about “I can’t be that fast.”

Worrying about not being able to satisfy your partner, or thinking about whether your partner is coming or not. I want to spend more time

Operational problems: for example, once you reach full horsepower, “I want to run at full speed”, huh?

The frequency of actual combat is too low, such as once a month, the time will be below their average.

After changing partners, for unknown reasons is fast, the

Physical fatigue, poor condition, almost no real battle, “lasting?” Most of them just want.


How to treat habitual premature ejaculation?

These triggers (external factors) caused a series of changes in his internal/psychological (internal factors), which led to changes in his physiology, and finally lead to a certain reduction in actual combat time.

Brief analysis of premature ejaculation: the vast majority of sexual intercourse lasts less than 3 minutes for 3 months.

Rapid ejaculation for a certain period of time is only an act, which will gradually lead to habitual premature ejaculation.

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2. How to “cure” habitual premature ejaculation?

The “cure” method of habitual premature ejaculation is to use one behavior instead of another, and use one habit instead of another.

The idea is: reverse training.

2.1 Occasional shortage of time caused by a trigger.

There is no need to panic, the first thing we think of is that changing the external triggers can.

These are just the results of your behavior, not your overall performance level.

The “remediation” is.

If you have not formed a habit, try to find the trigger as soon as possible, eliminate the trigger, and if the “internal factors” have changed, also try to “correct” back, the behavior is likely to be able to return to the “right track”.

If you can’t do it once or twice, don’t panic, accept your occasional failures, relax, and go to the actual combat.

2.2 “Habitual premature ejaculation” just developed.

This is only the behavior repeated many times. You should know that some parts of the four elements of sexual ability are easy to change, some are relatively difficult to change.

In other words, if you’re just changing the parts that are easy to change, it is relatively easy to change back.

“the cure” is

A, certainly is to find the cause, to find the internal causes, to eliminate the adverse effects.

B, behavior we need to “reverse”, by repeating the “reverse behavior” to change the previous bad habits.

If the time is short, we need to “long time” to launch.

Psychologically worried and anxious, we need to relax and enjoy this moment.

Consciousness used to be “hurry up”, but now we have to change it to “slow down”

If the behavior is “corrected” by these behaviors, the original level of time is likely to recover.

2.3 Years’ habitual premature ejaculation, which is difficult to change.

In life, 10 years of smokers quit smoking, 5 years of “alcoholics” quit drinking, 3 years of “night owls” go to bed early, etc. These are very difficult to change.

These habits have been “integrated” into his life, into his body and even into his bones, so it is relatively difficult to change these habits.

This is especially true for years of habitual premature ejaculation. The body has long adapted to the habits and changes. These changes are “negative” changes.

Finally, go to bed earlier, go to bed earlier, go to bed earlier! Go to bed early, and you will be very, very good.

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