Can delayed spray really improve premature ejaculation? What is the principle?

Can delayed spray really improve premature ejaculation?

Can delayed spray really improve premature ejaculation?

To be honest, for the problem of premature ejaculation, every research institution in the world has their own statement, some say 1 min is premature ejaculation, some say 2 min is, anyway, involving this kind of problem people like to bullshit, now even the specific scope of premature ejaculation is not clear, that talk about how to improve it, but one thing can be confirmed, most people have short intercourse time, not born short, may be the acquired some habits lead to (most are too sensitive), this problem can actually be improved by delayed spray.

Can delayed spray really improve premature ejaculation?

Here, I will talk about how delayed spraying works.

The principle of delayed spraying is very simple, which is mainly for reducing sensitivity. Some people say, whose younger brother is insensitive? They are all very sensitive! And you’re right. But even if they are sensitive, there are sensitive and more sensitive ones. For example, some people’s little brothers are exposed all year round, rubbing against clothes, which is a key stimulus, which is more resistant to creation than those little brothers who usually hide in packaging without exposing their head. And, even if, as you say, everyone’s sensitivity is the same, then lowering the sensitivity a little bit can be helpful to prolong the time. In short, as long as it can help reduce the ability to sense the little brother, it is to achieve a certain effect of extending the time of intercourse.

So, how can spray achieve this effect? This is mainly achieved by using some plant extracts or synthetic compounds in the spray. At the beginning, some low-end products were mainly added benzocaine and other anesthetics. Reducing sensitivity by proper proportion has the disadvantage that it is easier to be numb, and the effective time is short. Basically, the effect will pass in 1-2 hours, and there are more restrictions on sexual intercourse scenes. Later, people began to plant extracts, and many brands did find some good effect, not numb, the duration of the plant species also long, and through the multi-plant ratio to produce a more balanced and comprehensive product. Some of the products we reviewed have been able to work for over 10 hours. Don’t say the specific brands, just say the products.

Now the more common ingredients, such as fine spice, clove, saffron, etc, are slightly numbing effect of the plant. Of course, there are some brands that will put some gimmick ingredients into it, such as a number of sprays to add maca. Not to mention that the amount of maca itself requires a certain amount in order to play a role in enhancing energy (Drug Administration health care approval listed), the spray itself on this little, and is absorbed transdermally, it is impossible to have any effective dose and effect. This type of ingredient is pure gimmick. But personally, I think there is nothing wrong with this, marketing tools, as long as the product are useful.

Can delayed spray really improve premature ejaculation?

In fact, its principle is as simple as that.

Then I’ll write my own opinion on the improvement of premature ejaculation by delaying the spray.

I think of one of my clients, who was just 22 years old. He came to me to buy the spray and asked me if the spray can improve premature ejaculation? The body is the most resistant to creating ah. All night is a small meaning. How can premature ejaculation? The first time he said and his girlfriend he came out less than 2 min, then the time is so long, sometimes shorter, then I understand, this is the first lovemaking his confidence to crush, I really did not know at that time that so many people have so little sexual knowledge, the first time the short time that is very common, your brother has never touched such a tight and wet place, some people are circumcised have not been circumcised, the head of the brother are.

In fact, many people premature ejaculation is an acquired reason, because they have no experience. And this lack of experience is all-around. If premature ejaculation and lack of experience are two of your shortcomings, making up for one of them can also greatly improve your room satisfaction. And as far as I can see, the congenital deficiency is estimated to be very little. After all, the development of Chinese society is still good, the basic nutrition can provide, and the process of accumulating experience later in life, male delay spray can be your good partner, it can give you confidence, and can let you experience the complete sexual process.

Think about it, if at first because of inexperience, you can hardly rely on your ability to make yourself experience the whole process of women from cold to hot, foreplay to orgasm, because you always surrender in the first few minutes, so your confidence will be hit hard. However, a spray suitable for you can help you accumulate these experiences, and you have plenty of time to exercise during use. When you can handle your sexual partner with care, your sexual intercourse quality can be greatly improved even without the spray.

So the male spray can be used as a safeguard for you, you take it to increase the lower limit, you exercise to increase the upper limit, one day you can use the comfort, it has to mission is also completed. Of course it is important to choose your own suitable spray. You need to pay attention to my public number, as selling more than 1000 bottles of old drivers should be able to give you the best guidance.

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