Are these symptoms impotence? How to treat it?

Are these symptoms impotence?

Men may be rough and tumble on a regular basis, not caring much about anything, getting by, but once they encounter problems about their natal roots, always tease their sensitive nerves, the slightest thing wrong, they begin to wonder if they are going to shrivel up.

“That is a symbol of male virility. It is also a source of confidence. We may admit their incompetence and failure, but never admit that they can not!” Danny Greene in the office said flatly.

Well, if that’s the case, then it’s really time to keep an eye on their health. However, in some cases, it is not necessarily Bordeaux erectile dysfunction.

The American “Men’s Health” magazine sums up some “false impotence”. Today we will tell you in detail how to distinguish.

Are these symptoms impotence?

Drink wine

The rumor is that wine can help the recipe, in fact, help or not, depending on the drinker’s tolerance of alcohol, and liver filtration. The most critical thing is to see how much to drink.

Moreover, wine itself also inhibits the central nervous system. Drinking too much alcohol will reduce the blood supply to penis, which makes people unable to boast.

Influence of drugs

Some drugs can interfere with the ability to affect a man’s awakening, such as antihypertensive drugs, which are good for heart health, but will interfere with the sympathetic nervous system and affect blood vessel walls, thus reducing the blood supply of implants. Therefore, if you are taking such drugs before lovemaking, or are a long-term user of these drugs, it is inevitable that your arousal will not be smooth.

It is advisable to consult your doctor to adjust the medication to minimize the side effects when you encounter this type of situation.

The First time

In fact, this type of situation belongs to psychological factors. When having sex for the first time, or when getting married, the novelty and shyness of the other party can affect the sexual ability of men.

In addition to extra worry about whether they can perform well, whether they can make each other get satisfaction, etc, too nervous mood, can affect the quality of bo up or linea.

Stressed, too exhausted

For example, men do not relax completely after working overtime, so they may have poor erectile function.

A study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior concluded that the stress hormone cortisol prevents the effects of testosterone, an important androgen that is closely related to x desire, and that its deficiency can easily lead to problems such as difficulty in arousal.

There are also men who stay up late for long time. Occasionally, the situation of having sex can be particularly unpleasant.

The reason is that when men sleep at night, their cauldrons will boil intermittently for 3-5 hours, increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood to ensure their health. The more you sleep at night, the more flexible your erogenous zone organization will be. And staying up late will destroy its blood oxygen. Long – term, false ED will become real ED.

Stress-induced impotence

Just masturbation

In fact, this truth is easy to understand, just like running a marathon, the body needs to rest and recover for a period of time before running again. In general, the interval between the two lovemaking men for 30 minutes, some physical quality itself better only 10 to minutes, but some people may need to amend an hour, or longer.

In fact, this is because when men are self-feeding, the level of a hormone called prolactin in the body will increase sharply, which is related to the difficulty of arousing and sperm-inch.

Inability to get aroused for a specific person

It is possible for many men to turn off the lights are the same, but this is only the physical are the same. If it is psychologically very resistant to a person, then turning off the lights will also resist.

Most of this happens when the relationship between husband and wife is tense, or they are not very fond of the object. There are also some strong women, or strong women in the workplace. Men look at women’s faces in love, which will also make men feel cold, shy away from sex and cheat.

All in all, although some cases, indeed, just a momentary state of bad, we do not need to be too nervous, but the key parts of the health problems, male friends still need to pay attention at all times.

Finally, I send out some health tips!

1. Avoid sitting for a long time, keep dry.

2. Change your underwear regularly, wash carefully.

3. Do not smoke, drink less and have a healthy diet.

4. More exercise, less staying up late.

5. Regular annual check-ups on reproductive health, to avoid disease.

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