Long-lasting war! Men have a coup for delaying ejaculation

Men have a coup for delaying ejaculation

In sex, the longer the man persists, the more likely the woman is to reach orgasm. If the man’s time is too short, it is premature ejaculation. So delaying ejaculation is very important. In fact, the key to the problem is to reduce the sensitivity of glans. The glans penis is a man’s first sensitive area.

Ejaculation finally occurs after the glans penis is strongly stimulated (usually compressed). If you can reduce the sensitivity of glans penis, ejaculation will be delayed. The following is the methods.

Men have a coup for delaying ejaculation

1. The method of separation of heart

When you make love, your attention will be focused on the glans penis. Men even have the feeling of getting into a women. At this point, if you think about the content of other things, Will temporarily ease the desire to ejaculate.

2. mechanical compression method

Drugstores usually buy similar ointments. The sensitivity of glans penis can be reduced. But is such a thing harmful to women? It is difficult to say. After all, it’s drug. It has to go into the vagina. In addition, it is to wear condoms. Usually it takes longer than having sex directly. Although some people say having sex with a condom is like taking a shower with a raincoat.

3. Improve physical fitness

Generally, people with good physiques have sex for a long time. Therefore, we should basically exercise and pay attention to nutrition. Some people say that eating things like three whips is very useful, and it may be useful. However, its function in psychology is actually greater than that in physiology. The promotion of comprehensive physical fitness is fundamental.

4. strengthen exercise

Sex is really an art. It’s the art of two people. It’s like skating in pairs. Attention is paid to cooperation. Practice has proved that if women are good at guiding, men can prolong sexual intercourse properly and women can get enough sexual satisfaction. Therefore, it is a good way to find an experienced woman to give psychological counseling to men who have bad sexual life and men who have been having premature ejaculation but have no physical diseases.

In the end, you can easily delay ejaculation by taking this>>

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