7 guidelines teach you how to choose a good male delayed spray

7 guidelines teach you how to choose a good male delayed spray 1

I am a person who buys and sells sprays, takes a few spray authorization. I sold thousands of bottles of spray. They have used many models. Today we will talk about my experience, how to choose a good male delayed spray.

7 guidelines teach you how to choose a good male delayed spray

7 guidelines teach you how to choose a good male delayed spray

1. The most important thing is the time when the action starts. Have not used the spray friends, I think the most concerned about numbness and other criteria, as if not numbness is very safe, in fact, the role of the spray on the outer epidermis, there are generally no side effects, after all, just to reduce sensitivity, and the onset of time directly determines the flow of your room, a spray onset time determines what you want to do afterwards, you have to arrange the next according to this time is to go to the hotel or Go to dinner, or go to bed did not work, both sides are confused, then buy the spray what is the use?

2, The length of time. The duration of the effect of the spray should be the concern of all people. A spray only 2-3 hours duration that is not qualified spray, the so-called plan to catch up with the changes, you just sprayed the spray, the girl wants to watch a movie what to do? You don’t know the length of the movie, Titanic. It’s 3 hours. I used to have a client whose partner went to spa first? A 4 hour passed, but fortunately, he bought an effective spray for 8-10 hours in my house, otherwise, it would not be worth the loss.

3. Numbness is in the middle of the best. Truth be told, for most of the spray, numbness depends on the dosage (this will require an old driver to help you adjust), and needs to be carefully considered. And for some of the pure junk products, how to spray is numb, because most of these are too high alcohol content products, such as a certain oil, and some boutique, unless you use too much outrageous, generally will not have numbness. I think there must be friends want to know these boutique sprays are those, no hurry, I slowly write after, in addition, like the above-mentioned spray is to reduce the sensitivity of the coronal mouth, which can use alcohol, but also plant-derived ingredients, such as fine spices, cloves, Damiana extract, okra, saffron and so on, if you eat them to the mouth will also have a numb feeling, but this is very safe, so try to buy Plant-derived sprays it. Different manufacturers have different formulas and different effects, depending on the individual.

7 guidelines teach you how to choose a good male delayed spray 2

4. Spicy taste is very important! Actually, this should be in front of the numbness. The most feedback from my customers is also hot and spicy feeling. I once consulted the manufacturer, a technician and said I, this hot and spicy feeling can delay the transmission of sensitive neurons, even if he has a point, but the hot and spicy feeling is really not suitable for almost everyone, should he affect the hardness ah! Hardness is the most important factor when making love, right, here I diss a doctor’s name, that kind of pepper ingredients are too strong, I used the top myself more than 30 min hot spicy feeling before starting to love, although the delay is good, but I really do not want to suffer this crime, after some customer feedback affects erection, so I also do not sell this spray. In a word, the trial experience of products with too strong heat sense is very poor. Even if it has a delay effect. Pursuing happiness in sexual life for men. It’s anti-human.

5. Color, flavor and fragrance. This is mainly for friends looking for fun, right, when outside oral sex, the color smell is too prominent are easy to be found, it is a matter of face, right, and as far as I know, there are several customers whose partners have a strong aversion to some smell. But according to my experience of using, these colorless and odorless products are quite small, so if you need to ask me, I will recommend a few models. These evaporate quickly, small smell, or strong permeability, absorption can be showered after, these make do with it.

6, Price. This goes without saying. Most of the more expensive the better. Of course, there are also muddy fish. They are not very good. Pricing is particularly expensive, these later write.

7. Portable. This is very important. I think the 6-10 ml bottle is the most suitable one. It can be packed in a pocket. It can not be too big. It can be used for almost 40 times. It should not be too small. It should not be discovered by the female partner.

Follow the 7 points, almost can screen out a good spray it. If you think it is too long, ask me directly. I give you recommendations according to your situation.

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